Goo Lagoon is a popular underwater beach in Bikini Bottom on SpongeBob SquarePants. Since the show takes place underwater, Goo Lagoon is made of goo that the characters swim and surf in. Goo Lagoon also has a section just for weight-lifting called Mussel Beach.


The weather is usually sunny at Goo Lagoon during the summer months, although it is not known what the weather is like during the winter months, during which many people flock to "Sand Mountain". At some times, there is really windy weather.


Weightlifting Competition from Ripped Pants.

  • Weightlifting Competition - Whoever lifts the most amount of weights, wins. SpongeBob, Sandy, and Larry have competed in this before.
  • Surfing Competition - Whoever has the best surfing moves, wins.
  • Anchor Toss Competition - Whoever tosses an anchor the furthest, wins. SpongeBob, Sandy, and Larry have competed in this before.
  • Sand Castle Competition
  • Annual Hotdog Chug - Chug down tons of Hot Dogs. Chug,Chug,Chug,Chug!



  • Juice Bar
  • Snack Bar
  • Ice-Cream Truck Stand
  • Lifeguard Towers
  • The Chum Bucket Mega Bucket (a never-built restaurant Plankton planned to open on Goo Lagoon)
  • Hot Dog/Burger Stand
  • prostitution stand


  • The Salty Spitoon - a sailor's club nearby Goo Lagoon for tough fish only.
  • Weenie Hut Jr. and Super Weenie Hut Jr. - a fast food club with a robot waiter and also a hangout for nerds.


  • Goo Lagoon Sea Caves (2) - A large cavern in Goo Lagoon. The only way to get there, is over a rope bridge, from the sand castle. Inside, there are cave drawings, probably drawn by prehistoric Bikini Bottom citizens.

Goo Lagoon Pier

The Goo Lagoon Peer is an amusement park, outside of the Goo Lagoon Seacaves. It is on a large dock, and was seen in SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, "Valentine's Day", and "New Leaf".

  • Rides/Attractions
    • Ferris Wheel
    • Tea Cup Madness - a spinning tea cup ride
    • Bumper Boats - an underwater version of Bumper Cars
  • Games
    • Whack-A-Tiki
    • Skee Ball
    • Toss-A-Clam
    • Prizes-Games
    • Cade - An arcade as seen in "New Leaf." Features at least three Arcade games.
  • Food/Drinks Stands
    • Food-Drinks
    • Clamsicles
    • Coral Candy
    • Bill's Cafe - seen in "New Leaf."
  • Stands
    • Fortune Teller
    • Trust Booth
  • Other


  • Concert Stadium - A stadium where singers can perform.[1]
  • Goo Lagoon Lighthouse,[2][3]
  • Goo Lagoon Castle [2]- A giant Sand Castle built during the Sand Castle Competition.
  • Shipwreck [4]
  • Ray's Tanning Salon [5]
  • Dock (fishing area) [6]
  • Weight lifting area [6]


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