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This logo can be seen at the restaurant from the eponymous sketch.

Good Burger employees in the sketch
The new Good Burger employees

Good Burger is a recurring sketch in the first five seasons of All That. It would quickly become the show's most popular sketch, and would even go on to be adapted into a movie in 1997. In 2023, a sequel to the original movie was released.

The sketch takes place at a fast food restaurant called Good Burger featuring a clueless cashier, Ed, played by Kel Mitchell. The sketch would run throughout Seasons 15 and Season 11. During Kel's absence from the show, the part of Ed would be played by Ryan Coleman during Season 9.

Other recurring characters from the sketch include Angelique Bates as Beth, Josh Server as Fizz, and Dan Schneider as Good Burger's frequently irritated manager, Mr. Bailey. In the films, the character of Dexter Reed is played by Kenan Thompson. More recurring characters from the sketch include Lester Oaks: Construction Worker (Kenan), Bernie Kibbitz (Josh), and Connie Muldoon (Lori Beth Denberg).

Later in the revival series, this sketch was brought back with Kel as a guest star. Ed has now been working at Good Burger for over 20 years, and is now in charge of training new employees. Prior to the series' revival, a new Good Burger sketch was filmed for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2015, with Kel reprising the role of Ed.

In the film Good Burger 2, Kel once again reprises the role of Ed, where it is revealed that Ed is now the official owner of Good Burger.

Episodes with Good Burger sketches[]

Season Episode Musical guest
1 Episode 2 Da Brat
Episode 4 Immature
Episode 8 Coolio
Episode 14 A Few Good Men
2 Episode 1 Naughty by Nature
Episode 5 Jon B.
Episode 9 Subway
Episode 13 Sinbad with Coolio
Episode 14 Mark Curry and Deborah Cox
Episode 19 Shai
Episode 20 IV Example
3 Episode 1 Tia and Tamera Mowry with LL Cool J
Episode 3 Oliver Muirhead with Immature feat. Smooth and Kel Mitchell
Episode 5 Tyra Banks and Blackstreet
Episode 8 702
Episode 12 Sherman Hemsley with Nas
Episode 16 Dr. Joyce Brothers and Sherman Hemsley/Heavy D.
Episode 18 Aaliyah
Episode 21 Erykah Badu
4 Episode 4 Tricia Dickson and Alisa Reyes with Wyclef Jean
Episode 8 Spice Girls
Episode 12 Missy Elliott
Episode 13 Boyz II Men
5 Episode 8 All That Live 100th Episode
Episode 19 The M.A.F.T. feat. Kel Mitchell
9 Episode 9 Britney Spears and Nick Cannon
Episode 13 Drake Bell
10 Episode 1 All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special
11 Episode 1 The Jonas Brothers
Episode 4 Ally Brooke
Episode 8 H.E.R.
Episode 9 Bryce Vine
Episode 16 The Melisizwe Brothers
Episode 24 Queen Naija