Gordon Quid is the main protagonist of Catscratch, he is a manx.


All honor and heart, righter of wrong, do-er of good, Gordon is a sloppy bachelor who harbors a secret crush on Human Kimberly.

He is loyal to a fault, full of pride, and a very messy eater. Judging from his short tail, he is a Manx.

Gordon also has a mission set before him: Get Mr. Blik to do the right thing.

Gordon's catchphrases are "In the name of the Highland Quid Clan!", "Feel my sting!", "Great gopher!", "Cheer!", "Aye!", and sometimes "Pop a Wheelie!".


Gordon is mostly a white color. He has an orange spot around his left eye. He has a stumpy orange tail and a pair of green eyes with black pupils.


Gordon has come out in every episode of Catscratch. His first appearance was in "To the Moon." His last appearance was in "Duck and Cover."


  • Gordon is the middle child of the cats.
  • There is a running gag involving Gordon's Scottish background. Everytime when he makes a comment about him being a noble member of the Highland Quid-clan, Mr. Blik usually then responds that he was born under the sofa.
  • But Mr. Blik was wrong as seen in the episode: Clan Destiny. ''