Grampa and Julie, Shark Hunters book

The trade paperback collecting the comic's first major arcs.

Grampa and Julie, Shark Hunters was a comic strip by Jeff Czekaj, published in Nickelodeon Magazine from October 1999 all the way up to the magazine's closure in 2009. The strip was a serial about the adventures of a young girl named Julie and her dim-witted scientist grandfather. They would often run into strange characters and end up in unknown places.

The comic's first major arc, focusing on Grampa and Julie's search for Stephen, the largest shark in the world, and later their quest to reunite him with his mother, were spread across the magazine's issues from October 1999 to March 2003. After every few episodes, the strip would take a break from the magazine for several months before eventually resuming the storyline.

The entirety of this first arc was later collected in a graphic novel published on August 24, 2004. The graphic novel had the earlier strips completely redrawn to better match later installments, and also added new scenes to provide transitions between the episodes. It also depicted the story as a flashback within a framing device showing Julie in school, recounting the events of her and Grampa's adventures to her classmates. The story ends with Grampa getting Julie sent to the office, but also having her join him on new adventures (setting the stage for the next arc). 

Later Grampa and Julie adventures would be much shorter, with the characters starting a new adventure after each hiatus. A special four-page installment, featuring characters designed by fans, appeared in the August 2003 issue for the magazine's tenth anniversary.

Klasky Csupo produced a pilot for a Grampa and Julie animated series in 2006, but it was not picked up for a series.

Despite the strip's popularity, it did not reappear in Nickelodeon Magazine's short-lived revival under Papercutz.


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