Guano is a character in Kappa Mikey. He is a small purple creature with long pointed ears (similar to those of a rabbit), whiskers, a long thin tail topped with a ball of fur, and a blue crystal on his abdomen. On LilyMu, he portrays a small purple being that helps the team fight crime and is capable of uttering nothing more than his name, "Guano." Other than being featured in the actual LilyMu television series, he also is the program's scriptwriter and director. Guano is friendly, but has the tendency to fear or stress out about work or his friends' antic related problems. Guano is secretive of his life before Lilymu and is also a superhero named The Masked Tanuki. In "A Christmas Mikey", it was revealed that Guano is actually a human in a costume and is Ozu's long-lost son.

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