Harold Wayne Frumpkin is one of Angelica and Susie's preschool classmates, voiced by Pat Musick. Introduced in the eighth season of Rugrats in the episode "Pre-School Daze", he made a few subsequent appearances in the show's last two seasons as well as in Tales from the Crib: Three Jacks and a Beanstalk and all four episodes of Rugrats Pre-School Daze, but had a more prominent role in the spin-off show All Grown Up!


From Klasky-Csupo's official description:

Harold has known Angelica and Susie since pre-school, and reminds them of that fact every chance he gets. He is good natured and means well, but Harold can tend to be a bit annoying, to say the least. His social skills have a lot to be desired, and he often matches Phil in terms of grossness, although most of the time he is oblivious as to how gross he is. Despite her constant put-downs, Harold dotes on Angelica, and he may be the only guy out there who worships her the way she wishes everyone would.


In the Rugrats series he is a bit overweight, but loses this trait in All Grown Up! He normally wears a green shirt, a pair of dark blue shorts, and light blue sneakers. He has curly, Afro-like, orange hair as well. In Preschool Daze, he wears the same outfit as worn in the Rugrats series. In All Grown Up!, he wears a blue shirt with brown pants and green sneakers.


  • If one counts Harold as a member of the Rugrats group, he and Dil are the only Rugrats who have not yet returned for the reboot.


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