Hey kids, it's time for Have a Nice Day with Leroy and Fuzz!.png

Have a Nice Day with Leroy & Fuzz is an All That sketch parodying of Sesame Street that features Leon Frierson as Leroy, a boy who hosts a children's TV show with the help of Fuzz (performed by Kevin Carlson), an annoying blue puppet similar to a Muppet. The sketch has Leroy discussing a topic that irritates him and most other children, such as homework, bedtime, brushing teeth, sharing, or taking a bath. Fuzz then chimes in by describing the positive aspects of each topic, frequently singing annoying songs or discussing the games he likes to play. Leroy has no patience for this, and insults and assaults Fuzz in various ways, such as hitting him with heavy objects. At the end of each sketch, Leroy devises a way to have Fuzz painfully removed from the screen, including placing him in a shipping crate marked "CUBA," launching him into space, or flushing him down a toilet. He would then reiterate that he hates whatever the topic of the show was (aside from one where he changed his mind about babysitters after meeting the attractive teenage girl his parents had hired to watch him) then tells the children to "Have a Nice Day."

Season Episode Musical guest
4 Episode 3 Tommy Davidson and Robyn
Episode 4 Tricia Dickson and Alisa Reyes and Wyclef Jean
Episode 10 Backstreet Boys
Episode 18 K-Ci & JoJo
Episode 19 Kobe Bryant and Ice Cube
5 Episode 6 Faith Evans
Episode 10 98 Degrees
Episode 12 Outkast
Episode 14 5 Young Men
Episode 19 The M.A.F.T feat. Kel Mitchell
6 Episode 4 The Cast of Snow Day/Hoku