Hawky was Sokka's pet messenger hawk in the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Runaway". Although Sokka referred to him as a lazy bird, there was no evidence of that being so, as he delivered all messages requested of him in a decent radius without any training.


Sokka bought Hawky in Fire Fountain City with the money Toph had obtained through her scams. He had hoped to send messages to his Gran Gran, as well as other far-off friends and relatives; however, the bird refused, indicating this by shaking his head at the suggestion of flying to the South Pole. When Katara and Toph were not talking to each other after a spat about Toph's scams and Katara's motherly nature, Sokka came up with an idea that involved smoothing over things between the two girls and testing out his messenger hawk. He used Hawky to send an apology letter "from Toph" to Katara; however, she immediately realized it was fake, as Toph, being blind, would not have been able to write a letter. Aang suggested using the messenger bird again, this time sending a letter to Toph saying it was "from Katara", but Sokka immediately rejected the idea, saying that they would "run into a similar problem" before apologizing to Hawky for not including him in his next plan.

After Team Avatar left Fire Fountain City and Toph and Katara mended their friendship, Toph asked Katara for help with sending a letter to her parents; Katara wrote down what Toph dictated and the girls sent Hawky on his way, apparently without Sokka's consent, as he inquired about Hawky's whereabouts as the bird left for Gaoling.

Hawky never returned to the group after delivering Toph's letter, and it is assumed that he found a new home at the Beifong Estate.

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