Hector Flanagan

Hector Flanagan is the friend Sanjay and Craig are always happy to see... at least until he gets annoying.He's a fun-loving goofball but a bit dopey, though extremely brawny and loyal. He believes his eye patch makes his other senses "superhero" sharp, and he always has a quirky new nickname for the group, like the "CraigForce 4." He is also one of the few people that know Craig is a snake and can talk.

Unflappable, underrated, and unselfconscious, Hector wants nothing more than to hang out with Sanjay and Craig. Although the boys are always happy to see him, their excitement often wanes as Hector's hyper-enthusiasm and cockeyed observations go too far. Hector wears an eye patch and claims his monocular vision makes his other senses more sharp, though it's unclear if he even needs to wear it. He is husky and tough, and although he often acts as the group's strongman, he has a soft and generous heart.

His name is Hector and he is what you call a nice guy that gets annoying if you let him talk too much. Hector wears a gray colored sleeveless tee and a pair of red shorts. Her also wears an eye patch and has a bushy style of hair.

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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