Henry is the male host of KaBlam! He is best friends with his co-host June, but they do not always see eye-to-eye, and he is often the victim of her practical jokes. He quit one time, but then he went back after realizing how much June truly cared for him. 

After the series ended, Henry and June became Nickelodeon's unofficial mascots, hosting their own segments between-shows where they would give the latest updates and fun facts on different cartoons. 


Henry is KaBlam!'s energetic host. He acts foolishly and believes he looks good shirtless. In one episode from Season 1, "Comics of Champions", he has a crush on Thundergirl from Action League Now!. In the first season, Henry is shown to be smarter than June and more like an older brother to her. In Seasons 2-4, he is more clumsy, dim-witted, and his voice is deeper.

Henry is also prone to the majority of the show's accidents, including getting hurt by Mr. Foot, the show's Sasquatch (Bigfoot).

Some of Henry's skills include playing the guitar and dancing.

In season one, he's shown to be much smarter than June, almost being like an older brother to her (though they're the same age), but by season two, it changed to the other way around. His feelings for June vary from him laughing when she gets hurt to being very sweet to her. He also has a tendency to get a bit emotional, usually about Action League Now!. His favorite comic book series is Galaxy of Death, and action/horror comic series that June likes too, apparently. One thing he's known for is to freak out in a small situation (like what's going to happen in a short). Some of his special talents are playing the guitar and dancing. He's a bit taller than June. He can also get easily embarrassed, especially around girls. His voice seems to be the most recognizable that it changed over time, the other being Larry's of Life with Loopy. One distinctive feature that Henry has that June doesn't have is his freckles


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