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The following is a list of episodes in the third season of Hey Arnold!, listed in production order.


# Title card Title Original air date (United States)
"The Aptitude Test" October 14, 1998
Helga thinks she's dim because she failed an aptitude test at school, only to discover she received Harold's test score, and vice versa.
Title-OskarGetsAJob.jpg "Oskar Gets a Job" October 14, 1998
Oskar gets a job as a newspaper carrier but uses Arnold as cover for his laziness.
"Curly Snaps" September 16, 1998
Curly locks himself in the principal's office after being skipped as the person who collects kickballs after recess.
Title-PreTeenScream.jpg "Pre-Teen Scream" September 16, 1998
Phoebe wins a chance to meet her favorite singer, only to find out that he doesn't write or sing his own songs.
"Stinky Goes Hollywood" September 14, 1998
Stinky becomes the new Yahoo Soda poster child, but gives it up when it's revealed that he was hired as a joke.
Title-OlgaGetsEngaged.jpg "Olga Gets Engaged" September 14, 1998
Olga gets engaged to a con man who does not exactly woo Helga as he did the rest of her family, but she decides to let the marriage happen so Olga can be miserable. But she is given a change of heart from Arnold, and attempts to stop it.
Crabby Author Title Card.jpeg
"Crabby Author" December 28, 1998
Arnold does his school report on an author who is such a grumpy, old hag.
Title-RichKid.jpg "Rich Kid" December 28, 1998
Lorenzo, a neurotic rich kid, comes to P.S. 118 All the kids try to help him become an average kid.
"Helga Blabs It All" August 31, 1998
While under the influence of laughing gas, Helga leaves a message on Arnold's answering machine confessing her love for him. When she finally comes to, she realizes that she has to get to Arnold's answering machine and delete the message before he can hear it, but the task will prove hard.
Title-HaroldTheButcher.jpg "Harold the Butcher" August 31, 1998
Harold shoplifts at Green Meats and is forced to work there for a week after school.
"Arnold Betrays Iggy" October 19, 1998
Arnold accidentally finds out that Iggy wears bunny pajamas, and Iggy makes him promise not to tell. The next day, Sid and Stinky guess the secret by pure contrived chance, putting Arnold and Iggy's friendship to the test.
Title-HelgaAndTheNanny.jpg "Helga and the Nanny" October 19, 1998
Big Bob hires a nanny to help Miriam around the house, much to Helga's dismay. From this moment on, Helga attempts to scare the nanny away.
"Dangerous Lumber" September 2, 1998
Arnold has a lethal baseball bat swing, causing him to unintentionally knock out other players, so he decides never to play the sport again, mere days before a baseball game against the fifth graders.
Title-MrHyunhGoesCountry.jpg "Mr. Hyunh Goes Country" September 2, 1998
Arnold and Gerald discover Mr. Hyunh's talent at country singing, but as his managers make him famous, Mr. Hyunh would rather keep his simple life without stardom.
Arnold's Room Title Card.png
"Arnold's Room" September 9, 1998
Sid pretends that Arnold's room is his room when he studies with Lorenzo.
Helga Vs. Big Patty Title card.png "Helga vs. Big Patty" September 9, 1998
Patty challenges Helga to a fight after Helga gets on her last nerves by picking on her once too many.
"Career Day" October 21, 1998
Arnold gets paired with the bitter Jolly Olly Man as part of Career Day.
Title-HeyHarold.jpg "Hey Harold" October 21, 1998
Harold is invited to Rhonda's party and befriends Patty.
"Casa Paradiso" September 7, 1998
When an irritated Phil decides to sell the boarding house to go live in a condo, Arnold and the boarders try to get him to change his mind.
Title-GeraldsTonsils.jpg "Gerald's Tonsils" September 7, 1998
Gerald's voice is deepened after having his tonsils out, just a few days before the school recital.
Phoebe Takes the Fall Title Card.jpeg
"Phoebe Takes the Fall" December 7, 1998
Helga demands that Phoebe lose a quiz competition so Helga can impress her competitive father.
Title-ThePigWar.jpg "The Pig War" December 7, 1998
Grandpa Phil and the 4th graders reenact the pig war.
"Best Man" November 2, 1998
Coach Wittenberg assigns Arnold the duty of best man at his second wedding.
Title-CoolParty.jpg "Cool Party" November 2, 1998
Rhonda holds a cool-people-only party at her house. In retaliation, Arnold and his friends hold a "geek" party on the roof of his boarding house further up the street, leaving Rhonda's party deserted.
"Sid's Revenge" October 7, 1998
Sid swears vengeance with a voodoo doll made out of a bar of soap carved into the form of Principal Wartz for giving him detention for a prank he didn't pull, and then believes that he killed him.
Title-RollerCoaster.jpg "Roller Coaster" October 7, 1998
A roller coaster breaks down while Eugene and Arnold are at the top of its tallest drop.
"Grandpa's Birthday" September 28, 1998
Grandpa Phil thinks he's going to die when he turns 81 because of a "family curse".
Title-RoadTrip.jpg "Road Trip" September 28, 1998
When Big Bob has to go to a business meeting, Miriam and Helga are forced to go on the family road trip by themselves.
"Arnold & Lila" November 11, 1998
Arnold gets more attention than he bargained for from Lila after Helga writes "Arnold Loves Lila" on the wall, and Lila finds out about it.
Title-GrandPrix.jpg "Grand Prix" November 11, 1998
The kids compete in a grand prix race against each other.
"Arnold's Thanksgiving" November 18, 1998
Arnold and Helga are sick of their families' Thanksgiving traditions. They meet and go to Mr. Simmons' house, only to realize that, compared to Thanksgiving with his family, theirs aren't so bad after all.
Girl Trouble Title card.jpeg
"Girl Trouble" January 4, 1999
When Arnold gets tired of Helga picking on him every day, Grandpa tells him a story about a girl who did the same thing to him when he was a kid.
School Dance (Hey Arnold!) Title Card.jpeg "School Dance" January 4, 1999
Arnold is in charge of finding music for the school dance, but the kids aren't too happy about his choice of getting Dino Spumoni, until he starts singing his old hits.
"The Flood" November 23, 1998
Title-Helgas Show.jpg "Helga's Show" November 23, 1998
"School Play" March 8, 1999
Mr. Simmons hosts the annual School Play and decides that the kids should do Romeo & Juliet. When Helga hears that Arnold will be Romeo and there will be a kissing scene, she tries to get the part of Juliet.
"Parents Day" April 12, 2000
Arnold asks Phil what really happened to his parents, and he finds out that they disappeared after they left the country on a plane, although they might still be alive.


  • Despite being produced as part of this season, "Parents Day" was held over in the US for over a year and aired in 2000, as part of the fifth season.
  • A deviation between production order and airing order caused a continuity error: "Rich Kid" was supposed to introduce Lorenzo as a new character, but by the time that episode was aired, he had already made appearances in "Gerald's Tonsils" and "Arnold's Room".
  • During its original run in 1998-1999, this season aired 20 half-hours. Out of those 20, 19 of them were episodes made for Season 3, and the remaining half-hour was episode 19, produced back in the first season. It's unclear why that early episode was held over for so long.
  • This was the last season in which Arnold was voiced by Phillip Van Dyke.

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