Hi-5 House is an Australian children's television program, a spin-off of the original Hi-5 series, which originally debuted in 1999. The series stars the internationally popular children's musical group Hi-5 and holds strong educational values while entertaining through music. Hi-5 House was filmed in Singapore and later Malaysia, the original series having only ever been filmed in Australia. The series debuted on Nick Jr. Australia on 4 November 2013 before making international premieres. The third series and final series premiered on Netflix in March 2016.

The Nine Network renewed its partnership in with the Hi-5 franchise in October 2016 and announced its plans to revive the original Hi-5 with a new cast in 2017.


The program remains similar to the format of the original, providing children with education through music and movement. Hi-5 House caters to a wide range of children's learning styles, displayed through a variety of segments within the program. Child-development experts work with writers on every script. Each show is built around a simple theme like colours, music, animals, or numbers. Each show is then divided into segments that teach the concept in different ways. Music is seen as the method of joining the segments of the program together as well as highlighting the concepts and themes of each program. In Hi-5 House, each of the traditional segments were adapted to take place in a room of the "Hi-5 House", to replicate a child's immediate learning surroundings.

Cast Members

  • Stevie Nicholson (Series 1 - 3)
  • Dayen Zheng (Series 1 - 3)
  • Mary Lascaris (Series 1 - 3)
  • Ainsley Melham (Series 1 - 3)
  • Tanika Anderson (Series 2 - 3)
  • Lauren Brant (Series 1)

Educational Segments

Each presenter hosts an education-centric segment of the show. At times, they're assisted by their co-presenters to display social skills and group problem solving skills. In Hi-5 House, each of the traditional segments take place in a room of the house, to replicate a child's immediate learning surroundings.

Body Move

  • Hosted by Mary Lascaris (Series 1 - 3)
  • Set in the Backyard

This segment encourages body co-ordination skill development through dancing, hopping, jumping and stepping.

Making Music

  • Hosted by Ainsley Melham (Series 1 - 3)
  • Set in the Music Room

This musical segment looks at concepts such as beat, rhythm, pitch and melody using pianos, guitars, bells and other instruments to his aid.

Puzzles and Patterns

  • Hosted by Dayen Zheng (Series 1 - 3)
  • Set in the Kitchen

This segment focuses on logical thinking and mathematics looking at numbers, puzzles, patterns and problem solving. This segment also features Jup-Jup, an alien puppet who is not seen by Dayen, but constantly plays tricks on her.

Shapes in Space

This segment explores shape, colour, texture and pattern using various kinds of learning aids including coloured boxes, balls and play-dough.

Word Play

  • Hosted by Lauren Brant (Series 1) and Tanika Anderson (Series 2 - 3)
  • Set in the Bedroom

This segment looks at language and sounds with the help of her puppet friend Chatterbox ("Chats").

The Chatterbox

  • Hosted by Chatterbox
  • Set in Chats' Box

A segment first introduced in Hi-5 House, which explores the world inside Chats' box and focuses on English-learning and language. This segment also features bookworms Aristotle and Horace, and Tinka, a toy robot whom Chats teaches to speak.

Sharing Stories

  • Set in the Backyard

This penultimate segment in all episodes includes all five presenters, who join together to present a story. This segment is to promote social skills and group problem solving.

Episodes and Series

Hi-5 House has five weekly themes, with each theme lasting five episodes. Each block features a Song of the Week relating to the theme, and in each episode, the cast explain the topic and what they will explore in the episode. The two songs are not the re-makes are Underwater Discovery and Living in a Rainbow from Hi-5 House Series 3.

Series 1 (2013)
Number Episodes Song of the Week
1 Explore My Space Come On In!
2 Things I Love at Home
3 Where I Come From
4 Inside and Outside
5 Pets at Home
6 Move Your Body Move Your Body
7 Sports and Games
8 Food
9 Feeling Good
10 Learn Something New!
11 Magic and Fantasy Grab Your Dream
12 Dream Catcher
13 If I Could Be Anything
14 Dream Holiday
15 Sweet Dreams
16 Australian Animals So Many Animals
17 Caring for Animals
18 Animal Kingdoms
19 Underwater
20 Wild Animals
21 Brave and Strong Dance With The Dinosaurs
22 Super Heroes
23 Explorers
24 Journeys
25 Make Believe
Series 2 (2014)
Number Episode Song of the Week
1 Amazing Jungle It's Our Planet
2 My Backyard
3 Coral Reef
4 The Poles
5 Super Eco Champions
6 Inventions Starburst
7 World Wide web
8 Gadgets and Gizmos
9 Amazing Machines
10 Transportation
11 Fun with Friends Give Five
12 Making Friends
13 All Kinds of Families
14 My Family Traditions
15 Play Date
16 Parties It's A Party
17 Christmas
18 Milestones
19 Celebrations Around the World
20 You and Me
21 Playing Games Playtime
22 Dress Ups
23 Silly Is Good
24 Puzzles
25 Imaginary Friends and Places
Series 3 (2016)
Number Episode Song of the Week
1 Animals Homes Animal Dance
2 Flower Garden
3 Weather
4 Wonders of the World
5 Stars and Space
6 Superheroes - Special Powers Action Hero
7 Local Heroes - Community
8 Super Food
9 Super Animals
10 My Heroes
11 Daring The Best Things In Life Are Free
12 Trying New Things
13 Making Your Own Fun
14 Things to Do
15 Hi-5 Fun Park
16 Transport Sounds Of The City]] 17 Jobs
18 Fun in the City
19 Cities from the Past
20 Future Cities
21 Sports T.E.A.M.
22 When Am I a Team Player?
23 Animal Teams
24 Teams
25 Cooperation and Communication


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