Robert Joseph "Hoodsey" Bishop is Dodie's nine-year-old brother and Carl Foutley's best friend on As Told by Ginger. He is extremely gullible and believes anything someone tells him. He usually never has supplementary ideas for Carl's plots, but is typically more than happy to help. He is called "Hoodsey" due to the fact that he always wears a purple hooded sweatshirt, and his closet has many of them.

Hoodsey is a complete mama's boy, and is always repeating things his mother tells him. He usually uses his mother's advice in an attempt to make Carl stop his scheming, typically to no avail.

In the series finale, Hoodsey is shown, along with Carl, as a popular TV reporter, and they are both seen amongst the group at a reading of Ginger's latest book. It is also shown that he has a wedding ring on his finger.

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