Hops is Lana Loud's pet frog and companion in The Loud House.


Hops is shown to be rather intelligent, as he is unhappy with Lincoln for pressuring Lana to be something that she was not, and gave Lincoln advice as to how to persuade the principal and his teacher not to dissect the frogs for his biology class.

Hops' first major role was in "Toads and Tiaras", where he provided a bassline during the talent portion of the beauty pageant, allowing Lana to win, and receive the season passes to Dairyland.

Hops also went on the family trip in "Raw Deal".

In "Frog Wild", it is revealed how Lana met Hops. She was playing in a pond one day, and they grew so attached to each other, that Lana had to bring him home, and keep him as her pet and friend.


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