"House Sittin' for Sandy" is the first segment of the 166th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants..


SpongeBob wakes up and gets ready for work, but Gary keeps on bothering him. He realizes it's Sunday so he goes back in to bed. The phone rings and SpongeBob answers it, thinking it is Mr. Krabs wanting him to go to work, but it is actually Sandy Cheeks. Sandy wants him to house sit her house. Then Sandy tells him what to do. She wants him to see if the temperature at the green house is normal, then she wanted him to make sure the worms in the incubator is okay, etc. Then SpongeBob does his chores when she is gone and all of them are okay. But he discovers that a worm is hatching and that wasn't right, but it was actually Patrick. SpongeBob wants Patrick to go, but he talked him in to staying here. Then he said "okay", but he wanted Patrick to not touch anything. Unfortunately, he does. Then SpongeBob accidentally drops one of Sandy's equipment and it hits the robots and the place turns into a disaster! Then Sandy appears with a laser and SpongeBob and Patrick thinks that she is going to hurt them, but she just turns the disaster into what it was before. She tells them it was an experiment, and congratulates them for destroying her dome. Then SpongeBob drops one of her equipment and turns into a disaster again. Then she thinks it is okay, since she still has her laser. But a robot grabs it and destroys it. SpongeBob asks Sandy if she brought more than one of those lasers, but Sandy doesn't answer, indicating that she had only one. As SpongeBob and Patrick leave the treedome in a hurry, the episode ends with Sandy angrily shouting out, "SpongeBOB!!!"

Home video releases

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 8th Season


  • Running Gag: Robots destroying Sandy's Treedome and Patrick saying "Wasn't me".
  • This episode was supposed to be paired with "Pet Sitter Pat", but it changed to "Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom."
  • There's a scallop in the cage also seen in Help Wanted, Missing Identity, Pineapple Fever, and Pet Sitter Pat.
  • During the production of this episode, crew members realized, they forgot to put a water helmet on SpongeBob. Rather than re-work the entire episode to where he would wear one, they added the scene with Patrick, to put the helmet on SpongeBob, and the episode continues.
  • This is the fifth time SpongeBob doesn't have a water helmet on while in Sandy's dome. The previous four were "Tea at the Treedome", "Survival of the Idiots", "Squirrel Jokes", and "Yours, Mine and Mine".
  • This episode is similar to "Wormy" and "To Save a Squirrel" because in Wormy, SpongeBob and Patrick watch over Sandy's house and in To Save a Squirrel, there is a weird plot twist.
  • Some viewers were so appalled at the thought of Sandy killing SpongeBob and Patrick (as was depicted in the promo), that they started a boycott of the episode, only to see that she didn't try to kill them after all.
  • The title card for this episode is the same as "Dumped", "Patrick SmartPants", and "Penny Foolish", except in different colors. This one is orange and zoomed in much more.
  • In this episode, as well as "SB-129" and "Something Smells", the Krusty Krab is closed on Sunday. However, in "Born Again Krabs", SpongeBob says while continuing the talk with the Flying Dutchman that on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that he goes to work.
  • The way Sandy blushes may hint she has a crush on SpongeBob.
  • This is one of several times that Patrick causes SpongeBob to disobey Sandy's commands (although this one may or may not count). Others include "Sandy's Rocket" and "Squidtastic Voyage" .
  • Sandy's robots return in "Squirrel Record".
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