Howard and Harold McBride are the adoptive parents of Clyde and the supporting characters on The Loud House. They are overprotective of their son and very rarely let him do anything unsupervised, treating him more like a bubble boy. Howard has a tendency to get overemotional while watching Clyde grow up. He has red hair and buck teeth. Harold is more calm and collected. He has thinning black hair and wears a sweater vest with a bow tie.


Howard and Harold live with their son Clyde and their two pet cats, Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti, in a single-story building across the street from the Loud House. They drive a big red van with a license plate that reads "McRide" on it. Their surname is ironic because a bride is a newlywed woman, but they are two married men.

Often mentioned by Clyde, their first appearance was in "Overnight Success", in which they walk their son over to the Loud family's house for a sleepover. They are also the main protagonists of the episode "Attention Deficit", in which they try to help Lincoln with his science project, but get annoyed when the girls start asking for help. In "Baby Steps", Clyde overhears Howard and Harold talking and thinks they are going to adopt another baby. However, it ends up being a misunderstanding; they were really talking about getting another pet cat. They visit a bed-and-breakfast in "Roughin' It". In the episode, Lincoln and Clyde get lost in the woods and must work together to make their way back to the Dads.

It is revealed in "The Green House" that Howard and Harold care deeply for the environment and use solar panels on their house. "Hand-Me-Downer" shows that they own a tandem bicycle. In "ARGGH! You for Real?", Harold enlists Lincoln's help to restore Clyde's faith in ghost hunting after finding out that their favorite show, ARGGH!, is completely staged. In "Health Kicked", Howard and Harold train to compete in a Royal Woods ninja competition.

The pair changed Nicktoon history and broke Nickelodeon barriers, becoming the first pair of married male characters in Nicktoons history.


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