"iAm Your Biggest Fan" is the 13th episode of iCarly.


After receiving a gushing fan letter, the iCarly gang invites Mandy Valdez, their self-proclaimed biggest fan, to attend a webcast with their first live audience (consisting of Mandy only).

Mandy quickly reveals that she's more than simply a fan of the group -- she's obsessed, to the point where she sneaks into Carly's apartment in the middle of the night so she can join Carly and Samwatching TV, sends them pointless gifts and even transfers so she can attend the same junior high as the group. It reaches the point to where Mandy starts to disrupt their broadcasts, in particular while doing her duck impersonation (complete with duck mask). 

Meanwhile, Spencer tries out to be the new drummer for Backflesh, despite having no drumming ability using drums he found in the junkyard. The band decides to keep him on because he lets them use his apartment for rehearsals and Spencer calls in a favor to get Backflesh booked on the Seattle Beat TV show. Before the show, however, they fire Spencer and steal his drum kit and to cap it all up, they didn't even know how to pronounce Spencer's name right. Actually, didn't even know it at all!

The joke is on Backflesh, however, when Mandy sneaks into Carly's apartment and hears a Backflesh CD playing and starts dancing (with no talent). Immediately, she falls in love with the band and they become her new obsession, as Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer discover to their amusement when they see Mandy disrupt the band's Seattle Beat performance with her duck impression. They watch amused with their drinks and laughing happily at Mandy's idiotic ways. We leave them happily clinking their drinks.

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  • iCarly: Season 1, Volume 2

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