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This is the episode list for the third season of iCarly.


# Title Director Writer Original Airdate Code
46 (1) iThink They Kissed Adam Weissman Steve Holland 12 September 2009 Nick 2006.svg 227
In the third-season opener Carly confronts Sam and Freddie when Sam accidentally reveals that she and Freddie shared a secret kiss; Spencer teaches an art class in a prison.
47 (2) iCook Roger Christiansen Dan Schneider 19 September 2009 Nick 2006.svg The N 2007.svg 228
Carly, Sam and Freddie must defeat a famous chef in a cooking challenge; Spencer has a vision of the future.
48 (3) iSpeed Date Russ Reinsel Andrew Hill Newman 26 September 2009 Nick 2006.svg The N 2007.svg 230
Carly, Sam and Freddie must hold a speed-dating session when they are overwhelmed with boys who want to take Carly to the upcoming dance; Spencer follows a bizarre workout regimen.
49 (4) iCarly Awards Steve Hoefer Andrew Hill Newman 3 October 2009 Nick 2009.svg TeenNick 2009.svg 223
Carly, Sam and Freddie present iCarly awards for best user-generated content; Spencer enlists the help of European swimsuit models to make statuettes.
50 (5) iHave My Principals David Kendall Matt Fleckenstein 17 October 2009 Nick 2009.svg TeenNick 2009.svg 229
Principal Franklin is fired after appearing as a guest on iCarly and is replaced by Mr. Howard, the math teacher, and Miss Briggs, the English teacher as co-principles. Carly, Sam, and Freddie set up a scheme to give Franklin his job back. Spencer hires a rodeo star to teach him how to ride a mechanical bull
51 (6) iFind Lewbert's Lost Love David Kendall Matt Fleckenstein 14 November 2009 Nick 2009.svg TeenNick 2009.svg 236
When Sam pilfers a box of Lewbert's "Deeply Personal Items," the kids discover he once had a happy life with a woman named Marta. Since he seemed happier with Marta, they decide to track her down and reunite the two. Meanwhile, Spencer is partnered with Chuck to track down a burglar who has been stealing television remotes throughout the complex. Marta and Lewbert reunite but little did the kids know, Marta is a domineering psychopath who spawned Lewbert's misfortune.
52 (7) iMove Out Steve Hoefer Arthur Gradstein 20 October 2009 Nick 2009.svg TeenNick 2009.svg 241
After Marissa pushes Freddie too far by making Freddie eat asparagus while doing iCarly, showing people at school his baby pictures, and vacuuming his ear while he was sleeping, Freddie gets upset, moves out and gets his own apartment on the top floor of Bushwell Plaza. In the meanwhile, Carly, Sam, and Freddie start a pet photography business, only to see their studio destroyed by a snooty competing pet photography business owners Stewart Butler and Ollie Paisley. In the end, Marissa realizes she needs Freddie, begging him to return ; Freddie makes her promise not to embarrass him in public ever again.

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