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"iDate A Bad Boy" is the 18th episode of iCarly.


Carly Shay is angry at new neighbor Griffin for stealing Spencer Shay's motorcycle. However Spencer lets him off hook. Later Spencer goes shopping and returns to find Carly and Griffin making out in the dark. Spencer becomes furious and paranoid, and orders Griffin to leave and does not allow him or Carly to have any contact with each other. He also grounds Carly until college, although, after a fake argument with Carly and Griffin, he realizes that they are meant to be together and approves their relationship, as long as they don't kiss (they do so anyway). Meanwhile, Sam Puckett pays Freddie Benson $50 to make a website, and has a lawyer (who Sam's mom was dating) write them a contract. Freddie cannot keep up with her demands and tears up the contract, canceling the deal. Sam later makes $1,000 for selling the website to a guy named Sam Puckett, but Freddie demands that he has to be given 50% of the money she earned. Sam then tells him that he doesn't get any of the profits because he ripped up the contract.

Spencer then becomes less concerned with Carly and Griffin being a couple, but he continues to be a little worried. He later orders a "Sham-Pow" (a parody of the ShamWow). Carly goes to Griffins house for dinner and they go to his room. While they kiss Carly finds out that Griffin collects "Pee Wee Babies" (parody of Beany Babies, she consults Sam and asks her what to do. Sam then jokingly suggests that they go on a double date with two of the Pee Wee Babies. Griffin then dumps Carly after hearing her and Sam making fun of his hobby. Meanwhile, Sam has a recurring nightmare about a monster eating her soup, and comes to Spencer for advice and Spencer leaves some soup on the table and she starts to eat it and Spencer jumps out unexpectedly dressed as a monster. Sam then beats up Spencer and she overcame her nightmare but unfortunately Spencer starts having the same dream.

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