"iDon't Want to Fight" is the seventeenth episode of iCarly.


Carly gives Sam an iCarly T-shirt to celebrate their anniversary since they met (a flashback scene shows both Carly and Sam as young children). Sam promises to get Carly tickets to the Cuttlefish concert, but the tickets has been sold out, so Sam trades the shirt to Rip-Off Rodney in exchange for the two tickets, as Rodney finds value in iCarly. This angers Carly and the two girls fight it out so much that iCarly is ruined.

Freddie doesn't receive any advice from Spencer, who has been making a fish feeding device for his goldfish. He eventually takes control of iCarly by making the girls tie up their hair in ponytails and tying them to ropes. He then tells them to tell the story from their point of view to the iCarly viewers, who get to vote after the show. If either girl interrupts, their ponytail will be yanked, and according to Freddie, hard. However, when Carly interrupts Sam's testimony, Freddie allows it because he "loves her," thus resulting in both girls yanking each other ponytails by pulling the other rope.

After the show, Freddie counts the votes, but he has put up three options instead of two, (Carly or Sam being right), the third one being that they are both acting dumb and should just make up. The third option wins by a landslide, and after Sam starts to cry, both girls apologize to each other. In the end, Spencer demonstrates his automatic fish feeder, which involves the setting of a ball at the top every day, but when Carly reminds him that he still has to reset it every day, he is depressed and goes to bed. Carly then brings the goldfish back to the pet store.

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  • iCarly: Season 1, Volume 2

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