"iFence" is the 22nd episode of iCarly.


When Spencer takes up fencing as a new hobby, Freddie joins Spencer to go fencing and have some "guy time" after he realizes that he can't keep hanging with girls all the time. When Spencer's rival, Doug Toder (Daniel Samonas), sees how good Freddie is, Spencer puts Freddie up against him in a match of fencing. Carly is mad at Spencer and Freddie both for not helping her out during the visit of their weird and nerdy cousins, the Dorfmans, and his obsession with fencing, so she forbids him from fencing with Freddie. Freddie tries to tell Carly that she has no right to tell Spencer no more fencing but takes it further by telling Mrs. Benson (Mary Scheer) and sends him home for a tick bath when he doesn't even have ticks. Carly begins to realize how much he deserves to have some "guy time", and tries to convince Mrs. Benson to change her mind. Meanwhile, Sam and Freddie have a bet to see if Sam can read a book. Sam gets interested in books for the first time and wins the bet.

Home video releases

  • iCarly: Season 1, Volume 2

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