"iHave a Lovesick Teacher" is the 25th episode of iCarly, and also it's first season finale.


After Lauren Ackerman, a history teacher at Ridgeway gets dumped by her boyfriend, she begins to treat her students very harshly. When she calls Spencer in for a guardian-teacher conference (because Carly criticized her cruel treatment), she falls for Spencer's charm, and they start dating. After that, Miss Ackerman becomes an extremely fun and easy going teacher: she makes caramel apples for the entire class and invites them to go ice-skating with her and Spencer.

After only one week of dating, Miss Ackerman takes Carly's stuffed animals and cuts the head off of her stuffed panda and sews on the head of a stuffed pig. She freaks out on Spencer and he realizes she is a total control freak who wants to know where he is 24/7, so he breaks up with her. After the breakup, Miss Ackerman starts treating the students even worse, especially Carly, Sam and Freddie. This inspires Carly to come up with a plan to get rid of her for good.

They invite her to appear on the next iCarly to talk about her relationship with Spencer and trick her into admitting that she gave him a PearPod with 500 illegally downloaded songs as a present. The next day, after being tipped off by the iCarly gang to watch the show, the FBI comes to the school and arrests Miss Ackerman during class for illegally downloading music. The kids consider telling Principal Franklin that their teacher was arrested but decide to go ice skating just as Miss Ackerman had promised.

Home video releases

  • iCarly: Season 1, Volume 2

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