"iLike Jake" is the fourth episode of iCarly.


Jake Crandall, a hot guy at Ridgeway, breaks up with his girlfriend and is single for the first time since the third grade. This is major Girl's gossip as every girl (excluding Sam) has huge crushes on him. With Sam's help, Carly gets a chance to talk to him, and she invites him over to her house after school.

When Jake visits Carly she's pretty embarrassed by Spencer's actions of throwing paint and quickly takes Jake up to the iCarly studio. He mentions that he plays the guitar and sings, she tells him he can perform on the next iCarly webcast.

During a run-through before the show starts, they find out that Jake is actually a horrible singer and Carly, Sam and Freddie need to figure out a solution - they do not want to embarrass themselves or him in front of (though Freddie doesn't mind) all the viewers by letting him sing on the webcast. After trapping Jake in the elevator doesn't work, Carly suggests that Freddie can edit his voice to a clearer tone (although Freddie initially refuses due to his growing jealousy of Jake), and it works. Carly is so happy that she gives Freddie a kiss on the nose.

The next day, Jake says he saw the kiss, and Carly tries to tell him that "it was strictly nasal". He doesn't listen, mistaking Carly and Fredde as a couple and gets back together with his ex-girlfriend who heard his singing - or so she thought - on iCarly the night before.

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  • iCarly: Season 1, Volume 1

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