"iPilot" is, as the title suggests, the first episode of iCarly.


A prank on her English teacher lands Carly in detention on a Saturday, keeping her from going to a concert. Since she is going to have to judge the auditions for the school's talent show, she asks a neighbour to come along and bring a camera. During the auditions, Carly and Sam make jokes. Later that night when Carly checks the SplashFace website (a parody combination of YouTube and Facebook) where Freddie uploaded the video, she finds it's the unedited version and they are unable to delete it.

When Carly returns to school, she gives a DVD of the auditions and her recommendations to her teacher, this time containing the edited videos. But it's too late. The teacher already saw the internet versions and bans all the acts Carly recommends.

Saying how unfair the situation is and seeing how many comments the videos got on SplashFace, Carly decides to create her own web show and invites all the acts to participate.

Home video releases

  • iCarly: Season 1, Volume 1