iPromise Not to Tell is the twelfth episode of iCarly.


After Carly gets a B+ on her history paper because her teacher, Mr. Devlin, doesn't like "3-hole punched" paper, Carly is distraught because now she won't get straight A's on her report card. After overhearing Principal Franklin's username and password to the school's network, Sam hacks in and changes Carly's history paper grade to an A+ (which gives Carly straight A's for the semester as she deserves). Sam also changes two of her own grades and one of Freddie's grades (to avoid paying him $40 she owed him). Before she tells Carly about what she's done, Sam makes Carly 'ankle swear' not to tell anyone.

Carly is horrified that Sam has changed her grade, but refuses to break her promise to Sam. Carly does tell Freddie and makes him promise not to tell by pinning him to the ground and holding him down. Freddie (with Carly's help) hacks into the schools computer network with his laptop and tries to change all the grades back and Instead change the cafeteria menu to something that would be 'yummy' to eat but before they could catch up on what they really had to do, the Computer Security Agency (CSA) bursts into Carly's apartment and catches them hacking. The guilt eventually gets to Carly and she confesses to Spencer and then to Principal Franklin. Freddie also tries to take the blame. 

Sam, feeling bad that she hurt her friends, shows up at Principal Franklin's office and confesses that she was actually the guilty party. Freddie and Carly are not punished, but Sam receives multiple detentions. As soon as Principal Franklin leaves the room, Sam gets right on his computer and tries to reduce her number of detentions, but Carly pulls her away by the hair before she can make the changes.

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