"iSaw Him First" is the 26th episode of iCarly, and also it's second season premiere.


Carly and Sam develop a crush on Freddie's pal, Shane and decide to compete with each other for a relationship with him. They decide that whoever can get Shane to kiss them gets the right to pursue him. The girls set up several different scenarios to try to convince Shane into kissing them, but they are unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, Spencer hires an incompetent repairman dancer to fix the elevator because he thinks it'll take longer.

Shane eventually finds out about the girls' endeavors to pursue him, and angrily tries to leave the Shays' apartment. However, he is unaware of the broken elevator, which causes him to fall down the shaft. After the accident, the gang go and visit Shane in the hospital. While no one is looking, Carly kisses Shane and deems herself victorious.

Home video releases

  • iCarly: Season 2, Volume 1

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