"iWanna Stay With Spencer" (also known as "iDon't Want to Move to Yakima") is the fifth episode of iCarly.


During an iCarly webcast, Spencer shows his newest sculpture, the "Fan of Hammers!" However, it malfunctions and a hammer gets loose, almost decapitating Carly.

Later, Grandad Shay comes to visit. After he gives Carly a thirty dollar gift card of Groovy Smoothie, the trio set off for their smoothies adventure. Grandpa Shay tells Spencer that he wants Carly to live with him in Yakima, as he thinks Spencer's too immature and irresponsible to take care of Carly after seeing the hammer incident online.

Carly and Spencer try to change Grandad's mind, but fail. Carly then dresses up as a punk to make Spencer mad so Grandad would be convinced that Spencer is in fact responsible enough to take care of her. Spencer believes she is going through a rebellious phase and even praises it. However, after he cooks dinner and his chicken bursts into flames, Spencer decides that it would be best if Carly goes to live with their Grandad.

As Carly and her grandfather are getting ready to leave for Yakima, Spencer gives Grandad lists of things about Carly--such as her favorite foods and drinks, what kind of vitamins she takes every day (Spencer gives her ones 

shaped like dinosaurs), and also the number for a good science tutor (due to Carly having some trouble in her science classes). His grandfather seems amazed by this—possibly an indication that he's realizing that Spencer's maybe not as immature and irresponsible as he thought. Sam and Freddie both share emotional goodbyes with Carly and Carly waves a final goodbye and the elevator closes. When Carly and their Grandad leave, Spencer realizes something and rushes to his sister and grandfather. Just before Carly and Grandad leave the lobby of the apartment complex, Spencer gives them something: Carly's asthma inhaler in the case she suffers from an asthma attack. Though Carly hasn't had an asthma attack since she was seven, Spencer kept the inhaler "just in case" she ever needed it. Carly's confident that she won't need it, and when it becomes obvious that she won't take it, Spencer gives the inhaler to their grandfather and tells him to keep it in the case Carly needs it.

This display of responsibility is what makes Granddad realize that Spencer's a good guardian and he decides to let Carly keep living with Spencer. This makes everyone, especially his grandkids, happy.

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