Inside-Out Boy is a claymation character that appeared in five shorts between commercials on Nickelodeon, that originally ran from 1989 to 1993. These shorts later reaired on Noggin in 1999. The character was created by Scott Webb and Will McRobb. The series of shorts are produced by Tenth Annual Industries.


The first short tells the story on how an ordinary kid became who he is. He goes on a swing, then after swinging too high, went over the bar and his body flipped inside out, making him "Inside-Out Boy". To kids, he is a superhero, with his inner body parts exposed, it grosses out adults making them jump away and scream in the process.

The shorts have him in situations like having to help his friend at the Science Fair, Impressing a Girl, having a rap battle with "MC Mallet", and other situations.


Inside-Out Boy appeared in five shorts.

  • Library (1989)
  • Science Fair (1990)
  • MC Mallet (1991)
  • Prison (1992)
  • Girls (1993)

The shorts aired regularly in between commercial breaks on Nickelodeon until 1999. All but one of the shorts were also included on the first two Rugrats VHS tapes, Tales from the Crib and A Baby's Gotta Do What a Baby's Gotta Do.