Ishboo was a foreign exchange student whose customs were rather unusual to Americans. It was proper in Ishboo's foreign land (which was never named) to shout "Walla Walla Woo!" and hide behind furniture in a panic after somebody sneezed. It was proper to bark like a dog while proposing a toast. It was customary to give your psychiatrist a live lobster on your first visit. When Ishboo's American friends gave him a birthday cake, he ran for a fire extinguisher in a panic and immediately doused the candles, asking, "How dare you set fire to my birthday cake?" It is suspected that Ishboo may have been a fake, as he is quite adept at getting out of troublesome situations-even those he "did not understand" seconds before. To escape from predicaments, he would hypnotize people by using his "swinging jewel". Comedian Sinbad guest starred as Ishboo's father Sinboo.