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Jack's Big Music Show is an American musical children's television series originally airing on Noggin and on the Nick Jr. television network. The show was produced by Spiffy Pictures, and was nominated for a 2008 Emmy award for Outstanding Pre-school Television Series.

The popularity of the show made the idea of appearing on it attractive to musicians. An executive from Nick Jr. in 2006 said that they were "clamoring to get onto Jack's Big Music Show."

In May 2007, production was cancelled and it was announced that no new episodes would be produced. The last episode aired on October 13, 2007. However, it reran on the Nick Jr. Channel until early 2013, and then once more on December 26, 2014. The show will be added to Paramount+ in 2023.


The series focuses on music-loving Jack, his best friend Mary, and his drum-playing dog Mel, all of whom are puppets. The show takes place in Jack's backyard clubhouse, and centers on the characters' passion for music. The characters play music in every episode, and are often accompanied by other puppets or human musicians. Each episode starts with Jack's mom calling him that he has to leave for an activity soon. Also, it usually features two music videos by children's musical artists, and a performance by The Schwartzman Quartet about the episode's topic. The episode sometimes features a guest music star. At the end of each episode, a big "finale" song is played. Sometimes Jack leaves after his mom calls him, while other times they continue to play music in the clubhouse. Mel can be seen popping up during the credits.


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Main characters

Additional characters

  • Earl the Squirrel (appears in "Mel's Super Swell Dance Party" "Silly Show" and "Snow Day")
  • The Little Bad Wolf (appears in the episode of the same name and "Jack's Big Orchestra")
  • The Bongo Birds (appear in the episode of the same name and "Jack's Big Orchestra")
  • The Bugs (appear in "Bug Love" and "Jack's Big Orchestra")
  • Henry the Monster (appears in the "Henry the Music Monster" and "Jack's Big Orchestra")
  • Animal Music Camp (mentioned in "Scat Cat")
  • The Squirrels (appear in "Leonard the Country Squirrel," "Jack's Big Orchestra" and Jack's Super Swell Sing-Along")
  • M.C. Turtle (appears in "Jack's Super Swell Sing-Along")
  • Sheldon the Squirrel (appears in "Sheldon the Grumpy Squirrel" and "Jack's Big Orchestra")
  • Gertrude the Groundhog (appears in "Groundhog Day")
  • Scat Cat (appears in the episode of the same name)
  • Phil the Coo-Coo Bird (appears in the episode of the same name)
  • Leonard the Country Squirrel (appears in the episode of the same name)
  • Spunky the Alien (appears in the episode of the same name)


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Season Episodes First episode Last episode
Season 1 13 September 12, 2005 February 12, 2006
Season 2 13 January 6, 2007 October 13, 2007

Guest musicians

  • Yolanda Adams
  • Angelique Kidjo
  • Laurie Berkner
  • Andrew Bird
  • Buddy Guy
  • Steve Burns - (He was formerly on Blue's Clues) & Steven Drozd (of the Flaming Lips).
  • Comic Book Heroes
  • Guy Davis
  • The Dirty Sock Funtime Band
  • Rebecca Frezza
  • Jerry Lawson
  • Leon Thomas III
  • The Mighty Weaklings
  • Milkshake
  • Elizabeth Mitchell & Lisa Loeb (They were formerly on Liz and Lisa)
  • Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals
  • Jamia Simone Nash
  • Nuttin But Stringz
  • Cathy Richardson
  • Audra Rox
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock
  • David Pleasant
  • The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
  • The Quiet Two
  • Anne Harris


Country Channel
Flag usa logo.gifUnited States
  • Nickelodeon (September 12, 2005-February 7, 2007)
  • Noggin (September 12, 2005-September 27, 2009)
  • Nick Jr. Channel (September 28, 2009-December 26, 2014)

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