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Jimmy Bond: Agent 1/7 is a spy, spoofing James Bond, who starts in an All That skit. Josh Server played Jimmy Bond, a teenage secret agent who often had to save the world from dangerous villains. "W" (Kel Mitchell) often created gadgets designed to help Jimmy, but they always failed miserably. In later sketches "W" was replaced by "Z" (Nick Cannon). Whenever Jimmy goes to confront the villain, W or Z would say "I love it when he saves the world". Jimmy's actual talent as a spy was questionable, but most of the villains were too strange or stupid to actually complete any evil plans.

The villains that Jimmy Bond fights included:

  • Coldfinger (Kenan Thompson): A parody of Goldfinger. Coldfinger was the first villain that Jimmy Bond has encountered. He had a frozen finger from a milkshake machine incident. Coldfinger also owns a pet penguin named Betsy. Coldfinger is the only Jimmy Bond villain to have made more than one appearance. He is very obsessed with pointing out how cold his finger is which annoyed Jimmy very much. Coldfinger once collaborated with Hot Toe in a plot to blow up the world. (Seasons 1 & 4)
  • Hot Toe (Christy Knowings): A vixen with a big toe full of volcanic magma. Attempted to blow up the world by touching her "hot toe" to Coldfinger's "cold finger" which only succeeded in turning Jimmy into a pig. (Season 4)
  • Dr. Maybe (Mark Saul): A parody of Dr. No. Had trouble deciding on whether to do certain things or not. (Season 5)
  • Mr. Nice-Guy (Gabriel Iglesias): A villain who used the power of politeness, good manners, and generally acting nice to conquer the world. (Season 6)
  • Mr. Big (Leon Frierson): A parody of the villain of the same name who wanted to eat the world. (Season 6)
  • Sally (Amanda Bynes): Mr. Big's assistant who feeds Mr. Big anything from the world. (Season 6)
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