Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius is a 2001 computer-animated film produced by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies with O Entertainment and DNA Productions. It was produced using off-the-shelf software (messiah:studio and LightWave 6) by O Entertainment.

The film received mainly positive reviews and was a box office success, grossing $102 million worldwide against its $30 million budget.

The film's success spawned a spin-off TV series, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, premiered July 20, 2002, and a second spin-off TV series, Planet Sheen, premiered on October 2, 2010.

The film was added to Netflix on January 1, 2020.


The movie begins at an Air Force base somewhere in Colorado. Their radar picks up a UFO and they send planes up to examine the situation. The pilots are surprised to find that it is a rocket carrying Jimmy Neutron, Carl Wheezer, and Goddard. Jimmy needs to launch a communications satellite (which he made out of a toaster) to communicate with an alien species who sent him a message that was garbled in the ionosphere. Unfortunately, the pulse rockets fail, and the rocket cannot leave the atmosphere. Jimmy tapes some soda to the toaster and throws it, propelling the soda into space. Then the rocket falls down to town and lands on his roof. He is reprimanded by his parents and gets ready for school, but his antics caused him to miss the bus.

He then tests his latest invention, a form of bubble transportation, made from a special bubble gum. He catches up with the school bus, but the bubble pops when it hits a tree. In the classroom, Cindy is giving a report on dinosaurs. Jimmy proceeds to correct her with technical data and they argue. During show and tell, Jimmy shows Ms. Fowl and the class a shrink ray. When Cindy Vortex belittles it, Jimmy attempts to shrink her head, but the ray malfunctions and does not work. When walking home, Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen spot a poster for an amusement park. However, their parents will not let them go, so they sneak out. By now, the shrink ray is working again, so Nick also had the Golden Rule.

Meanwhile, the toaster is found by an alien race called the Yolkians. They seem to be a green goo (or yolk, possibly) with eye stalks. They use pods with hovering capability and robotic arms to move, but they fly spaceships in space (that look like chickens). The leader, King Goobot V, and his assistant, Ooblar, watch the message, Then, all the ships in the armada head to Earth. They captured and kidnap all the parents including Jimmy’s parents in the city of Retroville to be sacrificed to their creature Poultra to their home planet Yolkus, On the way home, Carl spots a shooting star, so he, Jimmy, and Sheen wish for no more parents so they could have fun all the time. The next morning, Jimmy spots the Note set and reads it. The notes are the same for everyone, so Jimmy has Goddard scan for adult life forms. When the report comes back, the kids celebrating and doing things they couldn't do normally.

The next morning, the craze has worn off, and at home, Jimmy is upset that his parents didn't say goodbye. Jimmy goes to his lab and compares the note the Yolkians left with notes his parents wrote. When the writing doesn't compare, Jimmy realizes that the notes are fake. Goddard finds evidence of aliens on the computer, and Jimmy tracks them to another system. He organizes the other kids in town to build rockets from the theme park rides to travel there to leave Retroville to travel to Yolkus and rescue their abducted Parents

While staying on an asteroid, everyone recalls what their parents did at bedtime before they were kidnapped by aliens. The next day, they reach the planet Yolkus (a spoof of courage from Esther) are kidnapped by Goobot’s guards He says the children’s parents are to be sacrificed to their god, Poultra. They're taken to the dungeon, but Ooblar takes Goddard to his workshop to take him apart after Goddard assaults Goobot. Realizing this is all his fault, Jimmy feels sad about giving Gooobot the coordinates to Earth and Retroville. Cindy then comes to the depressed Jimmy and comforts him. Jimmy calls Goddard on Libby's cell phone and tricks Ooblar into thinking Goddard will self-destruct in an explosion covering 30 square miles. Goddard frees the kids using a glitch in his obedience program, and they make it to the arena where the parents will be sacrificed to Poultra. When they reach it, an unusual ceremony is finishing , and Poultra, a gigantic three-eyed chicken with reptilian legs, hatching from her egg. Jimmy quickly comes up with a plan: Sheen heads to an airfield to obtain a transport, he gets the mind controller, and the rest of the kids keep the guards busy.

They escape, but Goobot follows them in his ship at the head of the Yolkus fleet. He orders the ships to open fire.During the battle, Jimmy skims the surface of Yolkus's sun, and flares destroy all but Goobot's ship. The king sends a taunting message to Jimmy, who flies out with Goddard. He uses his shrink ray to make himself the size of a planet, and blows the ship into an oncoming asteroid. Goobot vows he'll be back. The kids are happy to be reunited with their parents, and they make it home without further incident.



This film was originally intended to be a television 'pilot' for The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius and air on Nickelodeon as a TV movie. But when Paramount's executives saw very early footage and early design plans for it, they were so impressed by it that they decided to grant the production of the film a theatrical-sized budget and release it theatrically; the show was released after the movie.


The film received generally favorable reviews from film critics. It currently holds a 74% "Certified Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.[1] According to Metacritic, the film also holds a score of 65/100, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[2]

Box office

The film was financially successful, bringing in $13,832,786 on its opening weekend for an average of $4,407 from 3,139 theaters, and ended up with a total of $80,865,848 domestically. It had a budget of roughly $25 million.


The film was nominated for the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, making it the first film produced by Nickelodeon Movies ever to receive an Academy Award nomination.[3]


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Video game

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A video game based on the film was released for the Nintendo GameCube, PC, PlayStation 2, and Game Boy Advance on November 7, 2001. The game is a 3D adventure starring Jimmy Neutron and his robotic canine Goddard. In the game, the evil King Goobot has abducted Jimmy's parents and friends, so Neutron must begin an intergalactic quest to save them. While progressing through various locales inspired by the movie, players need to solve puzzles using an assortment of gadgets. Also included are various mini-games to play within an amusement park, as well as hidden movie clips, character bios, and movie trailers to be unlocked. The game received negative reception.

Home media

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The movie was released on VHS and DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment on July 2, 2002. The DVD was re-released on June 22, 2011 and again on April 25, 2017. A Blu-ray was released on March 8, 2022.


  • This was the last Nickelodeon Movies' film to use the 1986 Paramount Pictures logo.
  • This was one of the first films to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature introduced in 2001, but lost to the DreamWorks film, Shrek. Nonetheless, this makes Nickelodeon one of the first three studios to produce an animated film nominated for this category.
  • This was Nickelodeon's and Paramount's last theatrical film to be G-rated by the MPAA until 2006, as well Nickelodeon's last G-rated animated movie until PAW Patrol: The Movie 20 years later.
  • In an early sequence, Jimmy rides his jetpack past a train labeled MJ12, coinciding with the extraterrestrial theme.
  • This is the only time the Earwax Museum is seen during Jimmy's brain blasts, unless you count the Attack of the Twonkies video game.
  • This is the first time Jimmy cries. The second time will be in the episode Brobot.
  • This is also the only Jimmy Neutron production to have two brain blasts, instead of one.
  • Coincidentally, Patrick Stewart and Martin Short also starred in The Prince of Egypt.
  • A gentle dark ride "Planet of the Cats" is a obvious reference to Franklin J. Schaffner's 1968 film Planet of the Apes.
  • When Jimmy crash lands on his house in the beginning of the movie, three birds flying in a V-shaped pattern can be seen in the sky, several times. This may coincide with the extraterrestrial photographs taken by Billy Meier that featured three UFO's flying over a valley. This can also be observed in several of the TV episodes.
  • In the beginning of the message Jimmy sends to the aliens, he salutes them using the Vulcan salute, "Live Long And Prosper" and when Sheen takes the Ultra Lord oath in the amusement park, his right hand is doing the Vulcan salute as well.
  • Jimmy's girl-eating plant is a parody of Audrey II from the musical "[Shop of Horrors]". Funny enough, the romance of Little Shop of Horrors is between a brown-haired nerd who and a blonde girl. Further, the plant does eventually eat the blonde girl.
  • The Egyptian-style ride "Show Me the Mummy" is a parody of Jerry Maguire's catch-phrase "Show me the money."
  • One of the rides in Retroland, Eye in the Sky, has a scared kid's face with eyes wide open and his hands on his cheeks, resembling the famous pose of Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone (which itself is a parody of the Edward Munch painting, The Scream).
  • The alien's Y.T. program is a parody of E.T. (Entertainment Tonight).
  • There is a CGI error, when Jimmy and Cindy are arguing about dinosaurs in the classroom, In the background, Carl appears to be phasing through his table desk.
  • During the scene when the kids are camping on the asteroid, Nick's story is from the 1999 film The Blair Witch Project.
  • Look closely when Hugh Neutron is channel surfing on his TV set, the movie open for Nick, called "Rhino", is seen, alongside one indent and TV Land's logo.
  • One ride in Retroland that is made into a spacecraft is called "Bat Outta Heck", an obvious reference to Meat Loaf's song and album, Bat out of Hell.
  • Libby wearing the ear piece on the Yolkian ship's bridge resembles that of Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek.
  • When the Yolkian planet is viewed in outer space, it seems to be based on Coruscant.
  • Ooblar's name is perhaps a nod to The War of The Worlds where the martian's battle cry is Ulla - pronounced Oolaa.
  • When Hugh is reading the newspaper, a picture of Jimmy and Carl on Jimmy's rocket is shown as a UFO, even though Jimmy is still currently flying.
  • Jimmy keeps the rocket he flies in the film.
  • Although Goddard's radar does not sense any adults, Ms. Fowl is still in the school. This may have been a malfunction.
  • Ms. Fowl is not seen unshrink in the film, which becomes a question in the Q&A segment of a sneak preview for the series.
  • In the film, Cindy drinks Purple Flurp while doing Tai Chi, but in the book version, she eats a Purple Flurp Bar while doing Tai Chi.
  • In the book, Goddard does ask Jimmy to build him a female poodle in his options.
  • Also, this is the only time Goddard's voice reads the options to Jimmy as opposed to the words that appear on the screen with clicking sounds.
  • Jimmy and the other children battling the Yolkian guards is a reference to Agent J battling the giant alien cockroach to prevent him from going near the second spaceship at an abandoned World's Fair from the 1997 film Men in Black.
  • During the opening scene, General Abercrombie sends out planes when he believes that Jimmy, Carl, and Goddard are a UFO. The jets somewhat resemble F-14 Tomcats and F-86 Sabres. The takeoff sequence is somewhat similar to Top Gun, a 1986 film made by Paramount that's about a cocky fighter pilot being given the chance to train at the Navy Weapons Military School at Miramar, California.
  • This film is also based off of the 1998 pilot "Runaway Rocketboy", but with some major differences.
  • This is Nickelodeon Movies' first CGI (computer animated) flim.

Genius, Sheenius or Inbetweenius

Genius, Sheenius or Inbetweenius was an event that aired on May 19, 2007, in which Jimmy, Sheen and Carl provided a special audio commentary version of the film, spoofing Mystery Science Theater 3000.



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