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"Jimmy Timmy Power Hour" (originally named "The Jimmy + Timmy Power Hour") is the fourth Nicktoons crossover story, set between Jimmy Neutron and The Fairly OddParents. It premiered on Nickelodeon on May 7, 2004, and was then released on DVD and VHS on May 11th.

The special spawned two sequels, When Nerds Collide! and The Jerkinators!, both airing in 2006. Jimmy and Timmy would cross paths again in three of the four Nicktoons Unite! series video games.



The title characters introduce themselves to each other.

Timmy hasn't done his science project, due to him spending too much time on his video-game, "Decimator: Crush the Planet" (a parody of the Terminator film series). He wishes he was in the greatest lab in Dimmsdale but ends up in A.J.'s Lab, but then teleports to his room and using his Auto-Poofer (given to him by Wanda) he goes back to his room and wishes he could be in the greatest lab in the universe. Timmy, now in CGI, arrives in Retroville, Texas in Jimmy Neutron's lab, where Jimmy was fixing Goddard. After using some of Jimmy's equipment without asking, and then hiding in the Hypercube, Jimmy accidentally taps the star on Timmy's Auto-Poofer, mistaking for his mini-laser, causing him to disappear and be "teleported" to Dimsdale. Seeing Goddard, Timmy mistakes him and the computer for a game console and starts causing Goddard to take on the personality of Timmy's game; he eventually replaces the repair disc with a CD-ROM version of "Decimator", resulting in Goddard becoming huge and destructive towards Retroville, and resulting in a ressemballence of Decimator.

Just then, Carl and Sheen drop by and mistake Timmy for Jimmy, due to them stupidly believing Jimmy has shrunk his own head. After playing with some of the experiments, Timmy bumps into Cindy and Libby. Cindy falls in love with Timmy, believing him to be more handsome than Jimmy.

In Dimmsdale, Jimmy, now in 2D, finds himself in Timmy's room and meets Cosmo and Wanda, whom Jimmy believes to be holograms. However, Timmy's Dad and several kids in Timmy's school stupidly believe Jimmy to be Timmy, as well as Timmy's fairy-obsessed teacher Denzel Crocker. After inadvertently using the Auto-Poofer in front of Crocker, Crocker realises that he has found a way to get into Fairy World, hoping that somebody in the science fair would invent a device that would allow him to get into Fairy World. Jimmy ends up back in Timmy's room and, after finding it only teleports him there, combinds it with Timmy's game system so he can teleport anywere. After tracking Jimmy to Timmy's home, Crocker steals Jimmy's device that would get him to Retroville, and teleports him, Jimmy, Cosmo and Wanda to Fairy World.

Back in Retroville, Timmy and Cindy enjoy hanging out with each-other, but Goddard appears, now taking on the form of the Decimator. After Timmy blows it off at first, Libby, Carl and Sheen try to stop it, but fail. Timmy realises what he has done, but before he can escape, he is eaten by the evil Goddard. With time running out for Timmy, and Retroville, Timmy, with Cindy's help, manages to shut down Goddard, and restore him to normal. Unfortunately, Cindy stupidly believes that Timmy created the evil Goddard so that she could solve the entire incident (which he clearly didn't).

Back in Dimmsdale, Jimmy comes in contact with Timmy, who is alarmed to find out that Mr. Crocker is in Fairy World. Jimmy does not listen to Timmy's plan to get Mr. Crocker out of Fairy World and refuses to help him. Crocker then discovers that if he stole magical equipment and knocked down the big wand (which powers the fairies' magic), the fairies would surrender to him. Crocker steals a suit of magical equipment and knocks down the big wand, making all of the fairies, including Cosmo, Wanda and Jorgen Von Strangle (who is turned into a schnauzer) powerless. Jimmy then gets ready to leave Fairy World after stealing the Auto-Poofer from Crocker. After talking with Timmy, who convinces Jimmy that Cosmo and Wanda are as real to Timmy as Goddard is to him, Jimmy brain-blasts a plan to stop Crocker. Using a robotic decoy in suit to distract Crocker while Jimmy repairs the big wand, the fairies' magic works again and Crocker is defeated. Jimmy, using Jorgen's wand, makes Crocker's suit vulnerable to magic and turns Crocker into various scientific equipment, before making him powerless. Crocker is attacked by Jorgen, who makes Crocker lose all memory of Fairy World. Timmy wishes that Jimmy and himself could get back into their own hometowns (which has Jimmy confused as he asks what wishing was going to do). The two shake hands in the area between both of their worlds, which causes Timmy to be back in 2-D and Jimmy to be back in CGI. Cindy shouts she'll never forget him, while Jimmy yells at her for her to leave his lab.

Back in Dimmsdale, Principal Waxelplax reveals that she would be judging the science fair in the place of Mr. Crocker, who she claims has lost his memory "in a bizarre schnauzer incident", causing Crocker to go insane upon hearing the word 'schnauzer'. Cosmo and Wanda note what a good day they've had, before Timmy reminds them that he never finished his science project. Out of a wormhole appears Goddard (back to his regular self), now in a 2-D form, that amazes everybody. Timmy wins the science fair and thanks Jimmy. Cindy appears in the lab one more time, before Jimmy tells her to leave again.


This episode recieved mixed reviews from fans. They have praised it for the story and the moral of being considerate towards others, but they also think the characters should've interacted more and they criticized Cindy for being unrealisticly out of character and an airhead when she meets Timmy.

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  • Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
  • Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
  • Nick Picks 1
  • The Fairly OddParents: Season 4


  • When Timmy hypnotizes Judy, he says she is Mighty Mom.
  • Jimmy does a 2D Brain Blast, although his brain itself is CGI.
  • When Cosmo and Wanda appear for the first time to Jimmy (also when they leave for a vacation), Cosmo's outfit is very similar to that of the title character in Dexter's Laboratory, which Jimmy got falsely accused of ripping off.
  • Another reference to The Wizard of Oz is when A.J. and his clones ride on a bike in Jimmy's brain blast, laughing evilly.
  • Mr. Turner says to Jimmy that he thinks he's still Timmy, and says that Timmy once pretended to be Kent Quasar. The name "Quasar" was originally going to be Jimmy's name (Johnny Quasar).


  • When Crocker knocks over the big wand, all the power shuts out and the fairies' colors dim. However, when Jorgen comes into view, he remains normal in color.
  • In the scene where Timmy and Cindy are at the Candy Bar, one of the two straws keeps disappearing and reappearing. (This goof was revealed in 77 Secrets of Fairly OddParents Revealed on July 7, 2007).

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