Oswald Johnny Snowman
Johnny Snowman
is a recurring character in Oswald.


Johnny is a wise yet laid-back snowman who owns the Snowcone Shop in Big City. Johnny is filled with wisdom and gentle guidance that helps Oswald figure out for himself what's best to do in many situations. Johnny lives in a giant igloo skyscraper. His apartment is filled with maps, curios, and books of every kind. He thrives on learning, and loves to quietly impart his wisdom to Oswald and his friends. Johnny is a respected figure in the Big City community.


Johnny is mostly a cream-white color. He has an orange carrot for a nose, three black buttons, two eyes, and a black mouth. Johnny also wears a black top hat.


Johnny has appeared in many episodes of Oswald. His first appearance was in "Rollerskating." His final appearance was in "Snow to Go."

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