"Journey to the Center of Carl" is the first segment of the twelfth episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Jimmy is annoyed of going to school, and one morning before eating breakfast he reveals to Goddard that he has invented a sick patch that if worn will make you sick but if taken off will make you back to normal. When his parents come to wake him up, Jimmy puts on the patch to get himself sick. His mom refuses to take him to school and when she leaves to let him rest, Jimmy takes off the patch and has leisure time. That afternoon Jimmy gets homework from Carl and Sheen where he reveals his secret sick patch. Soon the word spreads out, and all the kids want to get patches from Jimmy unknown by their parents. In no time the school is empty, miss Fowl is very sad, and Jimmy is having fun on a daily basis on leisure time.

However as days fly by of sickness, Jimmy's plan backfires on him when his dad decides to home-school Jimmy in order to avoid missing any more education. The other kids' sick days are no better either as they undergo unusual and painful methods of treatment from their parents. Cindy undergoes painful acupuncture with 678 needles, Libby gets stung by a wasp, Carl gets stuck in a plastic bubble, Sheen snorts pepper up his nose (which he actually enjoys), and Nick undergoes a leech treatment (but is unseen).

After a few days of being annoyed by Hugh's poor home-schooling methods, Jimmy tries to take the patch off but he finds that over time his patch has dissolved through his skin thus infecting his blood and the other kids have the same outcomes. With everybody sick and annoyed by their parents trying to home-school them and get them well in painful ways, Jimmy decides that the only way to get the kids back to normal is if he shrinks himself and goes inside their body to extract one mitochondria from the germs that have spread in their bloodstreams. He first tries it on Carl and not long later the kids are well again and ready to go back to school. However, in school, Carl and Jimmy exclaim to the other kids to run off to a sanctuary after being introduced by a new girl named Yentl Marmelstein who has a cold.

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