Judge Trudy is a skit on The Amanda Show parodying Judge Judy. It features Amanda Bynes as a child plaintiff "suing" an adult defendant for petty incidents, such as an unfair grounding or an after-school detention, which usually results in them getting off light when their crimes range from egging a house to painting the White House pink. The defendant typically complains that Trudy is too young to be a judge, which only angers Trudy even more. Despite evidence and the kids gleefully admitting to the crime, Trudy always favors the children and delivers ridiculous sentences to the adults, such as trapping parents in a rocket and sending them to space. At the end of each sketch, the Judge calls for the Dancing Lobsters to come out. The lobsters then proceed to dance with Trudy.

Like Judge Judy, Trudy wears a dainty lace collar, and both judges have African-American baliffs. The only difference is that Trudy treats defendants like criminals, while Judy, like most TV court judges, deals with small claims cases.