Just Jordan is an sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon, that aired as part of the network's TEENick lineup. The show starred Lil' JJ and aired from January 7, 2007 to April 5, 2008, with a total of 30 episodes.


Jordan Lewis is a 15-year-old who moves to Los Angeles from Little Rock, trying to fit in. His mom and dad are divorced, and he and his younger sister have come with their mother to their grandfather's diner as Jordan has to work there, deal with his bossy cousin, Tangie and how overprotective his mother is.


  • Jordan Lewis (played by Lil' JJ)- A kid from Little Rock trying to fit in. He tries to be cool and be like a gangster, but often fails to his mom being overprotective of him. His best friends are Joaquin and Tony.
  • Joaquin Montez (played by Eddy Martin)- one of Jordan's friends who wants a career in politics.
  • Tony Lee (played by Justin Chon)- originally one of Jordan's rivals in basketball court but soon they become best friends.
  • Monica Lewis (played by Kristen Combs)- Nicknamed "Momo" is Jordan's 9-year-old sister and always tracks him down 24/7. She usually plays with dolls such as Ponica. Monica loves to watch her portable DVD player and eat chips.
  • Tangie Cunningham (played by Raven Goodwin)- Jordan's cousin who often teases Jordan and is his toughest critic. She also wished to be richer than Oprah. She has a huge crush on Tony since she’s obsessed with him.
  • Tamika Newsome (played by Chelsea Harris)- Jordan’s crush and Tangie's friend. Jordan will do anything to impress or make her like him.
  • Pam Lewis (played by Shania Accius)- Jordan and Monica's overprotective mother who’s divorced and works at their grandfather's diner. She often goes to her father whenever she has a problem with Jordan or some other character.
  • Grand Cunningham (played by Beau Billingslea)- Jordan, Monica and Tangie's grandfather who owns the local diner called "Fish N' Grill." According to the website he makes the best macaroni and cheese in town.


  • Air Jordan- Pilot episode, Jordan tries out for basketball practice but he doesn't make thinking it's Tony's fault.
  • Fools in the Hood- Jordan, Tony and Joaquin become thugs in order to attract the girl's attention.
  • Lemme See Your Grill- Jordan buys a bike and a set of Grills but his mom says to take them back. But he gets his grill stuck. Grandpa's wallet is in panic as Monica wants outfits for her doll
  • The Flu- Grand leaves Jordan in charge of the diner but things go wrong.

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