Kako is a main character in the Noggin original series Oobi. He is puppeteered by Noel MacNeal.


Kako has tanned skin. His eyes are a blue-green shade in the shorts and in the first thirteen full-length episodes. From "Video!" until the series finale, his eyes are a lighter green. The character wears a red cap in the full-length episodes.


Kako loves spending time with his best friend, Oobi. He is shown to be excitable and somewhat arrogant. Kako's catchphrase is "¡Perfecto!" (meaning "perfect" in Spanish).


  • Kako is visible in many family photos at Oobi's house, despite not being part of the family.
  • The "About the Author" section of Noel MacNeal's arts-and-crafts book Box! mentions Kako.


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