Kids' Writes was an arts program running from 1981 to 1983. The main cast included Jim Mairs (who also acted as director/guitarist/vocalist), Wynn White, Carlo Grossman, John Rousseau, and Steve Rifkin. The cast (minus Mairs) wore similarly styled jumpsuits, each a different color. The premise of the show was that children would compose short stories and mail them to the actors (collectively known as the Magic Carpet Band). The best stories were then acted out on camera before a live audience (in a similar vein to Whose Line Is It Anyway?) on a unique set consisting of wooden ramps, steps, metal hoops, nets, and overhangs. Before each story or song, its title was shown, along with the author's name and hometown.

Stories portrayed on Kids' Writes would often involve typical child fantasies such as space flight, monsters, and children becoming heroes to "save the day". Several stories featured devices known as "tickling boots", no doubt reflecting the pleasure young children associate with the act of being tickled. Some submissions became songs where Jim Mairs and Steve Rifkin wrote the music, mostly performed by Jim on guitar or piano.

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