Kimiko "Kimi" Watanabe-Finster is Chuckie Finster's stepsister in Rugrats and its spin-off All Grown Up! She joined Tommy's group of friends during Rugrats' seventh season, after her mother, Kira, married Chuckie's father, Chas, in the series' second theatrical film, Rugrats in Paris. Like Tommy Pickles, Kimi is super adventurous and is always ready with a smile and an encouraging word. She teaches Chuckie what it means to be a true big brother and helps him manage his fears.




Kimi meets the other Rugrats for the first time in Rugrats in Paris.

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In Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, the one and a half-year-old Kimi was portrayed as very brave and often stumbled into dangerous situations she was too naïve to recognize, often bringing her new stepbrother, Chuckie Finster, along, much to his dismay. He described her as "another Tommy" upon meeting her. She is just as adventurous as Tommy and cares for her friends. She laughs in the eye of danger and is always looking for an adventure.

Despite having been such a prominent member of the Rugrats cast in its last few seasons, Kimi was strangely absent from the revival comic by Boom! Studios.

All Grown Up!

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In All Grown Up!, set approximately 10 years later, Kimi grew up to some extent. Kimi is still adventurous and free spirited and has also grown to be spunky, independent, and more aware of other's feelings. She's very athletic; for example, at a ski resort, Kimi signed up for "daring" activities like rock climbing and, according to the series, she is a terrible cook, as seen in "Dude, Where's My Horse?" She is very creative and excels in arts, and usually applies this to her unconventional wardrobe.

Rugrats (2021)

Kimi reappears in the Rugrats reboot, debuting in the episode "Escaping from Preschool". Unlike in the original show, she is the same age as Angelica and attends preschool with her.


Kimi has purple hair with is tied into three ponytails. She wears a yellow dress with a purple cat on it in the movie, although throughout the series she has a pink shirt inside. She has purple cowgirl boots and has a diaper underneath like Lil.

Episodes focusing on Kimi


All Grown Up!

Rugrats (2021 TV Series)

Escape from Preschool


  • Chas legally adopts Kimi as his daughter in "Finsterella" while Kira legally adopts Chuckie as her son. In a legal sense, that technically makes Chuckie and Kimi siblings and not stepsiblings.
  • She is the first recurring character of East Asian descent, alongside her mother.
  • Watanabe means "ferryside" in Japanese.
  • Kimi is the only main character to have a step-brother and a half-sister.
  • Because of her Japanese heritage, Kimi's full name would be Kimiko as Kimi is short for said name in Japanese.
  • Though there was no episode for it, Kimi was seen being potty trained. It was picture seen in the All Grown Up! episode Petition This!.
  • Kimi is similar to Yumi Ishiyama from Code Lyoko. They are both Japanese immigrants and their families are from Japan although Yumi doesn't have a biological father and a sister, she has a brother.
  • In All Grown Up, Kimi wears more stomach-bearing outfits than any other girl in the show. Susie is a runner-up in second for her Season 1 look, while Lil is in third, with only purple PJs, blue PJs, and a genie costume.
  • In "TP+KF", it is implied that Kimi has a crush on Tommy.
  • Throughout All Grown Up! seasons 2-5, Kimi wears a red or green top. Interestingly however, is that they're in a Chinese cheongsam style, while she's Japanese.
  • Z was able to get Kimi to like a new genre of music called "Underground Nouveau Retro Fusion Music", as mentioned in "Bad Kimi".
  • It is revealed in "Trading Places", that Kimi has been receiving gifts from her father every year during Children's Day.
  • Kimi is very fond of animals. She is an advocate of animal welfare.
  • In All Grown Up!, Kimi is never seen in any gym classes.
  • Due to Dionne Quan retiring from voice acting in 2010, Kimi is the only Rugrat voiced by a new actor in the reboot.


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