Know Your Stars is a short sketch that ran from Seasons 7-10 of All That. The announcer says 3 "facts" about a cast member which are not true. The cast member becomes defensive and angry and wants to not do it again. In later seasons the announcer got more malicious, even attempting to murder some of the cast members. He tried to drop a rock on Christina Kirkman's head and hypnotized Kyle Sullivan, causing him to inflict harm on himself.

Memorable "Facts"

  • Amanda Bynes: "She's just plain dumb", "Keeps her underwear in the freezer."
  • Bryan Hearne: "Has a voice only dogs can hear", "Once ate his own head."
  • Britney Spears: "Likes her peanut butter chunky", "Is half girl, half robot, half ravioli", "Hasn't brushed her teeth in six months."
  • Jamie Spears: "President of Mexico", "She's an only child", "She stole that dress", "She has a full beard", "Rides to work on a dolphin."
  • Chelsea Brummet: "Her nickname is Nakka Nakka Nakka Nakka Nakka Poo."
  • Shane Lyons: "Favourite sport is girls soccer", "Loves to play with his belly button lint", "Arrested three times."


  • Brian Peck, who played the announcer, is an actual convicted child rapist. He sexually abused members of the cast. One young male came forward anonymously and Peck plead guilty to eight counts of sexual abuse.
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