Liar, Liar, Vampire poster

Liar, Liar, Vampire is a comedy family television film that was released on October 12, 2015. The film was directed by Vince Marcello and stars Rahart Adams as a young student that is mistaken for a vampire and decides to encourage the mistake in order to keep his newfound popularity.


When he transfers to a new school from Australia Davis is concerned about the same things that most teenagers are, such as fitting in and finding new friends. However soon after he arrives the most popular girl in school, Caitlyn, mistakenly identifies him as a vampire – something that turns Davis into an almost instant celebrity. Not wanting to lose out on his new popularity, Davis persuades his next-door neighbor Vi into helping him continue the charade.


  • Rahart Adams as Davis Pell
  • Brec Bassinger as Vi
  • Tiera Skovbye as Caitlyn Crisp
  • Larissa Albuquerque as Bethany
  • Sarah Grey as Caitlyn
  • Drew Tanner as Singer
  • Pauline Egan as Beverly Pell
  • Alex Zahara as Baron Von Awesome
  • Samuel Patrick Chu as Ashton
  • Olivia Ryan Stern as Rita
  • Ty Wood as Bon
  • Tina Georgieva as Australian Student
  • Will Erichson as Rayzon
  • Harrison MacDonald as Stuart
  • Curtis Albright as Jelly


Common Sense Media rated the film at three stars, writing that it was "silly and self-effacing, but it does well to illustrate the importance of being yourself and surrounding yourself with people who appreciate the real you."

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