Liberty Danielle "Libby" Folfax is one of the main characters from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. She is Cindy's best friend and Sheen's girlfriend.

Libby is stylish, smart and sophisticated, loves music, electronic gadgets and a math genius. When Cindy goes too far, Libby gets them quickly back to the Earth. Libby is very loose on it and sings for her life. She also has more common sense, is more down-to-earth than her friends and is the voice of reason. Libby also serves as a big sister to Jimmy and often tries to help him come out of his shell. Libby also is a very honest person and literally cannot lie, which makes it hard for her to keep secrets or be involved in Jimmy's plans.

In the shorts, the movie, and the show's first season, Libby was more of a sidekick towards Cindy, but in the following seasons, she started to become her own character and get more focus, eventually being added to the logo shot in the show's title sequence.

Sheen also has a crush on her and they end up dating in the third season. In fact, it is revealed in "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen" that Sheen cares about Libby more than Ultra Lord. His love for Libby is what motivated him to go to Shangri-Llama and defeat Yoo-Yee, for her sake. This also makes Libby realize how genuine Sheen's feelings are. Sometimes, Libby sticks up for Sheen whenever Cindy or Nick yell at him.

In the show's first season, Libby was very pretty looking like a famous rock star girl, she wore a pretty teal sleeveless dress which often times kept her snuggled from the softness of it and had her dance and sing real quietly to the song she listens to, teal socks, black shoes, and her hair was strapped in a ponytail with a piece of it slimming down covering her left eye. In the episode "Beach Party Mummy", she is given a new hairstyle inspired by an Egyptian pharaoh she was related to and in the next episode, she was given a pink shirt, blue flared jeans and brown shoes. Strangely, the storybooks continued to use her original design, even in adaptations of later episodes.

Despite the fact that Libby and Sheen are an official couple by the end of the series, Sheen doesn't mention her at all in Planet Sheen (or any of his other friends for that matter) and has a new love interest. This was criticized by many fans of the old show who had supported Sheen and Libby's relationship. It is unknown whether or not they were still dating at this point.


  • Libby's evil dictator self looks like her original design instead of her new one.
  • In "The Incredible Shrinking Town", it is revealed that she doesn't care about Jimmy endangering the town anymore.
  • Even though it's been repeatedly been established that Libby cannot lie, she does lie in the episodes "A Beautiful Mine", "Attack of the Twonkies" and "Jimmy for President".
  • She is a vegetarian.
  • One reason why Libby's design changed for Season 2 was maybe because her original design was a little too pretty looking for a young African American girl who loves music.


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