"Lil's Phil of Trash" is the second segment of the 167th episode of Rugrats.


Taffy and the babies are at the park and she tries to sing Pat a Cake but the lyric sheet blows away and a man stabs it and is about to throw it away. This is the beginning of a temporary friendship between the two as she thinks he's eco-concious. He teaches Phil how to pick up the trash which he takes seriously, to the dismay of Lil as she then can't play with him as he's too busy. A man shows up and reveals that the trash picking up was a punishment and worse one for littering which makes Taffy not friends with him. Phil stops being friends with the man too, as he throws the trash away instead of letting him play in it, and Taffy sings them Pat A Cake.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Season 9

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