Lisa Ruddy (born June 1967) is an actress, most notable for her work on the show You Can't Do That On Television (a.k.a. YCDTOTV). Lisa was featured on the show, produced by CJOH television in Ottawa, Ontario and aired in the United States on Nickelodeon, from its beginning in 1979 until the end of the 1985 season.

Originally on the show, Lisa was cast in "sweet little girl" roles for which she often had to wear frilly dresses. During the 1981 season, however, Lisa's "character" developed the trait which would continue for the rest of her time on the show. Reportedly, Lisa's tendency to talk too much on YCDTOTV was inspired by a real-life incident at school, in which Lisa was sent to after-school detention for talking in class and, as a result, was late arriving to the CJOH studio for rehearsals. YCDTOTV creators Roger Price and Geoffrey Darby subsequently rewrote the script of the "Nutrition (Good, Healthy Foods)" episode so that it included lots of jokes about Lisa talking a mile a minute. Thus, Lisa Ruddy acquired the nickname "Motormouth." She was also known as "Squeaky" because of her rather high-pitched (especially in the earlier years of the show) voice.

Lisa was also very frequently seen on the show playing (often unwillingly) "second banana" to host Christine McGlade, with whom she constantly bickered and traded "fat" jokes (although in real life the two were actually friends off-camera). In the 1984 "Politics" episode, Lisa was finally given her chance to shine when she ran for class president and tried to buy her friends' votes with free pizza (her uncle ran a pizza parlor). Unfortunately, she lost by a landslide; her competitor's uncle ran a video arcade.

Lisa is now married, has two children and runs a funeral home in Vankleek Hill, Ontario with her husband.

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