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This is a list of characters who appear in Danny Phantom.

Main characters

Image Name Voice actor Description
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Danny Fenton / Danny Phantom David Kaufman Daniel "Danny" Fenton is the show's protagonist; one day in his parents' laboratory, Danny has an accident involving the newly built "Fenton Portal" - his molecular structure was fused with ectoplasm. Now as Danny Fenton he looks normal enough, on the outside, Danny's a nervous, clumsy 14-year-old boy who just tries to fit in with the crowd - but can transform into his new identity "Danny Phantom" with Ghost Powers. In either form, Danny can see, hear, and talk to other paranormal beings — not to mention battle them on equal terms. To save his friends and family, Danny frequently battles with various ghosts.
Sam Manson Grey DeLisle Samantha Manson (who usually goes by Sam) is one of Danny's best friends. She is a gothic, ultra-recyco-vegetarian, and is insanely rich. She doesn't tell anyone that she is rich because she wants to earn real friends, rather than friends who just want to be her friend because she's rich.
Tucker Foley Rickey D'Shon Collins Tucker is Danny's best friend - next to Sam, that is. He is nicknamed as 'Tecno-geek', 'Sucker', or 'Bad Luck Tuck' by the popular kids. He'd do almost anything to get a date with a cute girl. He loves technology and can't live without it.
Jazz Fenton Colleen O'Shaughnessey Jazmine, a.k.a. Jazz, is Danny's older sister. Though never seen with any colleagues at home or school, Jazz has a brilliant mind and studies child psychology; she is constantly trying to stop her parents from thinking about ghosts, and trying to prove to her parents that she is not a ghost. In the first episodes of the series, Jazz seems kind of stuck up, or as Danny once put it "a conceited snob". But in "My Brother's Keeper" Jazz found out Danny is a ghost/has ghost powers when she saw him transforming "Going Ghost" into an ally; as Jazz had tried to question Sam and Tucker - she knows that they will not betray Danny's secret and when he saved her as Danny Phantom, Jazz pretended to be scared of him "He'll tell me when he's ready". Danny doesn't know that Jazz is aware of his Ghost Status, and Jazz has often covered for him when he's out capturing ghosts "Whatever he's doing, I'm sure it has nothing to do with ghosts". At the end of "The Ultimate Enemy", Danny knows that Jazz is aware of his ghost status.
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Jack and Maddie Fenton Rob Paulsen and Kath Soucie Danny and Jazz's parents, and enthusiastic/fanatic "professional ghost hunters"; but they are oblivious to their son's human/ghost hybrid status. Jack & Maddie are usually seen trying to prove the existence of ghosts, trying to capture one for scientific study, building devices to track, capture, and take down ghosts.

Other human characters

Image Name Voice actor Description
Mr. Lancer Ron Perlman Mr. Lancer is one of the teachers and the vice-principal and English, Science, Math and History teacher of Casper High. He is a strict teacher who often favors the popular kids. Though he tends to pick on Danny because of his average grades and his lackluster interest in his job, Lancer is a well-meaning man who tries to make sure all his students do their best. He has a humorous habit of shouting out book titles in place of swear words when he is surprised. He also constantly tries to be "cool" by saying some rather tired "hip phrases". In the first two seasons, he acts very antagonistic, but in the third season he acts very serious and caring.
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Dash Baxter S. Scott Bullock Dash is the most popular boy in Casper High School. A star football and basketball player, he often gets free leeway from the authorities at school due to his winning streak. However, Dash is an "idiot" who frequently picks on Danny. As an act of irony, his role model is Danny Phantom.
Paulina María Canals Barrera A Hispanic-American 15-year-old cheerleader and the most popular girl at Casper High School. She has big beautiful eyes and is considered rude and "not so bright" by Sam. She has confidence and an often devious side. Paulina is madly in love with Danny Phantom after he saved her, but could not care less for his alter ego, who has a huge crush on her for the first half of the series.
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Kwan Dat Phan
James Sie
A football player who is usually seen hanging around with Dash. It often seems that Kwan is the more rational of the two.
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Valerie Gray Cree Summer Once a popular, shallow girl, Valerie's life takes a turn for the worse when accidents caused by a ghost dog cost her father his job. No longer living an average life, Valerie vowed revenge against all ghosts for ruining her life after being given a ghost hunting suit and gears from Vlad (unbeknownst to her at the time). Vlad employs her to do his bidding until she finds out that Vlad was a half-ghost and that he was manipulating her. She is hot-tempered, which often clouds her judgment, but slowly starts to realize a world beyond the superficial. She briefly strikes a romance with Danny Fenton, but clashes very often with his alter ego.


Image Name Voice actor Description
Vlad Plasmius Martin Mull Vlad went to college with Danny's parents and spent a lot of time with them because he secretly loves Maddie. One day when he was working with them, there was an accident in the lab which gave him ghost powers (much like how Danny got ghost powers) and forced him to spend the next few years in a hospital, with visible "Ecto-Acne". He spends his time coming up with plans, trying to destroy Jack Fenton. Usually he sends ghosts, but in "Shades of Gray", he sent ghost-hunting equipment to Valerie. He lives in his mansion in Wisconsin in the first two seasons.
Skulker Mathew St. Patrick
Kevin Michael Richardson
A ghost who introduces himself as a great Predator; he hunts down rare and unusual items, as he fancies himself as a collector of all things rare and unique. He is actually a small green blob-like ghost in high-tech battle armor in the services of Vlad Plasmius (it is as yet unknown as to whenever Skulker knows that Vlad Plasmius is also a human/ghost hybrid). Having sighted Danny Phantom, he had planned to capture and add him to his collection. Skulker wears a huge suit of high tech battle armor. When he eyes the technology of Tucker Foley's PDA, Skulker seizes the PDA and integrates it into his armour - the PDA makes the battle armour work more efficiently, but also binds the armour to a schedule programmed into the PDA by Tucker for Danny. Now the PDA often sends Skulker to observe or acquire information about the "Rare Purple-Backed Gorilla", a schedule to which Skulker cannot reprogramme, proving to be a lifesaver for an unprepared Danny more than once, but never stops Skulker from continuing to capture Danny Phantom.
Nicolai Technus Rob Paulsen A recurring ghost and the self-proclaimed "Master of Technology (All Things Electronic and Beeping)"; but in reality he is more of a "Master of Really Long-Winded Speeches", as he spends more time gloating about his evil plans than he does executing those plans.
The Box Ghost Rob Paulsen A not-particularly-threatening ghost who is "master of all things cardboard and square".
The Lunch Lady Patricia Heaton
Kath Soucie
The first major foe Danny encounters. She suffers from uncontrollable mood swings, turning suddenly from sweet and kind to violent and deadly, and consistently uses food (particularly meat) as her main form of weaponry.
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Ember McLain Tara Strong (speaking)
Robbyn Kirmsse (singing)
A hard-rocking girl ghost that, when "fans" cheer her name, she gets more power (and her ponytail gets longer).
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Desiree Peri Gilpin An age-old ghost/genie who was originally an Arabian girl. She was promised her heart's desire by the sultan, but was banished by the Sultan's jealous wife. Desiree grants anyone's deepest desires (wishes and desires expressed verbally), especially Tucker's jealousy over Danny's unfathomable powers.
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Penelope Spectra Tara Strong A sadistic ghost who strives to be youthful and beautiful. To do so, she often targets teenagers and through elaborate plans, slowly sucks them dry like a vampire. She retains a perky personality and chipper demeanor while hiding a dark, seductive and psychotic nature deep inside her.
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