Hey Arnold The Main Characters with Background

The following is a list of characters from Hey Arnold!


The first main characters were originally Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Harold, Grandma and Grandpa, Rhonda, Abner, Sheena, Curly, Nadine, Brainy, Sid and Stinky in the original pilot, then added Phoebe, Eugene, with the supporting cast like Lila, Ruth, and other characters.

Main Characters

Image Name Voice actor Description
Arnold smiling
Arnold Shortman J.D. Daniels (1994)
Toran Caudell (1996-97)
Phillip Van Dyke (1997-99)
Spencer Klein (1999-2002)
Alex D. Linz (2002)
Mason Vale Cotton (The Jungle Movie)
Arnold Phillip Shortman is the protagonist on Hey Arnold! He is an average fourth grade student with football-shaped head and a small blue hat that almost never leaves his head. Born in San Lorenzo during a volcanic eruption, he is a calm nine-year-old dreamer, and an idealist who always tries to see the best in people and to do the right thing. Whenever he sees someone in trouble, Arnold goes out of his way to help them out, even if it is not sensible to do so.
MTS simgazer 1589392 Helga.0
Helga Pataki Francesca Marie Smith Helga Geraldine Pataki is an anti-hero and sometimes antagonist/tritagonist on Hey Arnold!, voiced by Francesca Marie Smith. She is a student at P.S. 118 who acts like a bully around her schoolmates, especially Arnold, who she is secretly in love with.
Gerald2 Gerald Johanssen Jamil Walker Smith
Benjamin Flores Jr. (The Jungle Movie)
Gerald Martin Johanssen is Arnold's best friend from Hey Arnold! He is almost always on the scene when Arnold's latest escapade happens. He is the occasional voice of reason to Arnold and also has a good deal of knowledge of many legendary stories in the city, or "urban legends" as he calls them.
Grandpa Phil Dan Castellaneta Arnold's cheery, fun-loving, 81-year-old grandfather on Hey Arnold!, whom Arnold often comes to for advice. He often tells Arnold stories about his past experiences, although he has a tendency to stretch the truth. Despite responding frivolously to Arnold's problems, he will often provide good wisdom. While his advice is not usually the most helpful, his heart is always in the right place.
Grandma Gertie Tress MacNeille Arnold's crazy grandmother on Hey Arnold!, whom usually having a different theme in her clothes, preparing different foods, calling people other names or labels.
Phoebe Heyerdahl Anndi McAfee She is a young half-Japanese girl and Helga Pataki's best friend, who was born in Kentucky before moving to Hillwood. She is one of the smartest fourth-grade students in P.S. 118, to the point that she was once given a pass to the sixth grade.
Harold Berman J.D. Daniels (1994)
Justin Shenkarow
A fat student who has a sweet heart despite his intimidating appearance. He is of Jewish descent, and lives with his mother and father in P.S. 118, Ohio. Despite being sweet however.
Eugene Horowitz Christopher J. Castile

Jarrett Lennon
Ben Diskin (Seasons 2-4)
Black McIver Ewing (Season 5)
Gavin Lewis (The Jungle Movie)

Eugene Horowitz is one of Arnold's classmates on Hey Arnold! Somewhat inept yet optimistic, he is the class jinx, born on Friday the 13th. In spite of his constant misfortune, he harbors a cheerful attitude, often saying "I'm okay!" every time he seems to get hurt. He is also a fan of musical theater, and enjoys impromptu dancing and singing.
Rhonda asks Where did Harold get a Dumb Idea Like That
Rhonda Lloyd Olivia Hack Rhonda Wellington Lloyd is one of Arnold's classmates on Hey Arnold! She is a rich, pompous, self-proclaimed fashion queen and friend of Arnold. She is one of the most popular students attending P.S. 118. Both of her parents are stereotypically preppy. Even though she is always seen concerned about her style, Rhonda is a phenomenal athlete, practicing numerous contact sports, like baseball and football, not caring if she ruins her clothes or accessories.
Sid oalp
Sid Sam Gifaldi
Tylor Gifaldi
Aiden Lewandowski
A friend of Arnold and one of Harold's best friends on Hey Arnold! He has paranoid tendencies and often tells urban legends, with or without the assistance of Gerald. Perhaps his most well-known characteristic is that he typically ends up in ridiculous situations, such as becoming severely mysophobic; deciding to devote his life to Arnold after the latter saves his life, among other things.
Stinky Peterson3
Stinky Peterson Christopher Walberg
Jet Jurgensmeyer
A tall and lanky friend of Arnold's whose family is from Arkansas, and he is also one of Harold Berman's best friends. Stinky has a Southern accent and a love for lemon pudding.

Supporting Characters

Image Name Voice actor Description
Robert Simmons
Robert Simmons Dan Butler Arnold and his friends' sensitive and caring teacher on Hey Arnold!, following Miss Slovak's retirement in the show's second season. He emphasizes the unique value of every individual in his class, with his constant reminding that "you are all special in your own special way".
Lila Sawyer
Lila Sawyer Ashley Buccille Lila is, as Helga puts it, "Little Miss Perfect". She has a tendency to add the words "ever so" or "oh so" to just about every sentence she speaks, and she's very polite, sweet, and kind. This leads her to bond quite easily with Olga, as the two have similar interests.
Curly Steven Hartman ("Downtown as Fruits")
Adam Wylie
Haley Joel Osment ("Deconstructing Arnold")
Michael Welch ("Ghost Bride" and "Curly's Girl")
Nicolas Cantu (The Jungle Movie)
Thaddeus "Curly" Gammelthorpe is one of Arnold's classmates on Hey Arnold! He is most well known for his outlandish and bizarre behavior and freaking out to silly and trivial things (possible symptoms of psychosis, bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorder). He is known as the "fourth grader most likely to snap". He is considered one of the geeks ("Rhonda's Glasses").
Brainy Craig Bartlett Brainy is a geek and Helga's stalker who is usually knocked unconscious by Helga without Helga looking at him. He seems to be romantically attracted to her. In The Jungle Movie", he continues to stalk Helga though he ends up helping her by retrieving her locket and Arnold's torn up picture which Helga discarded in anger after Arnold had seemingly rejected her, giving the locket and the repaired picture back to Helga after the class had been captured by Lasombra.
Ruth McDougal Lacey Chabert
Anndi McAfee
Ruth P. McDougal is a supporting mirror characters on Hey Arnold!. She is a sixth grade 11-12-year-old student at P.S. 118. It is unknown what class she is in. Ruth is Arnold's crush in the first season of the show. Arnold was completely in love with her, but Ruth had no idea that Arnold even existed. Although Ruth did not know much of Arnold's existence throughout the show, however in the episode "Operation Ruthless", she did indeed express some interest towards Arnold by smiling at him when they are both on the Go-Karts, as well as in "Snow" when she smiled at Arnold after he scores a goal in ice hockey.
Nadline- I'll take care of it
Nadine Lauren Robinson
Laya Hayes (Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie)
Nadine is a young entomologist and Rhonda's best friend. She tends to find a lot of Rhonda's more stuck-up opinions ridiculous. In the episode "Dinner for Four", she sets cockroaches free in a restaurant as a favour for Helga. This is the only episode where she has a bigger role than Rhonda, for her usual role is Rhonda's satellite character. In "Parents Day", Nadine is shown to be half black and half white.
Sheena Francesca Marie Smith Sheena is a character in Hey Arnold! She is a geek, although what she does to deserve this title is never really mentioned, except that she shows off her "scab in the shape of Texas" in "Eugene's Bike". Still, when the fourth grade girls get together, nobody minds that Sheena's there, although with Helga and Phoebe being best friends, as well as Rhonda and Nadine, Sheena is the one left on her own. Not that much has been revealed about her, except that she has an aversion to violence (mentioned in "School Play") and she can play the cello.
Ernie Potts
Ernie Potts Dom Irrera Ernie runs a wrecking crane for a demolition company in Hillwood. He's knocked down about 500 buildings, and keeps a piece of each one in his room as a souvenir. He has a metal plate in his head. Ernie playing some miniature sort of Sousaphone (either that, or a very oddly-shaped tuba) in a flashback in "The Journal", and he plays an accordion (at Blockapalooza) in the movie, and many other episodes (e.g. "Arnold as Cupid").
Mr. Hyunh1
Mr. Hyunh Baoan Coleman
Randy Travis (singing)
Wally Wingert (The Jungle Movie)
Mr. Hyunh is an immigrant from Vietnam. He was born sometime after 1949 ("Snow"), but he was already a young adult with a baby daughter in 1975, when the Vietnam War came to its dramatic climax. At the conclusive battle of the war (the Fall of Saigon), the United States sent helicopters to evacuate South Vietnamese citizens. Mr. Hyunh and many others abandoned their old lives and attempted to board the last helicopter, but the pilot claimed only one more was allowed on board.
Oskar Kokoshka Steve Viksten
Wally Wingert (The Jungle Movie)
Oskar is one of the boarders living at the Sunset Arms boarding house. Oskar is a semi-overweight man. He has a copper beard and balding hair combed to the side. He speaks with an unidentified Eastern European accent. Oskar is of Czech heritage, confirmed in when an elderly lady went to the hospital after Oskar shoved her to the ground and stole her taxi. He always wears a black suit with a white undershirt.
Abner image Abner Craig Bartlett
Maurice LaMarche
Arnold's pet pig who was a gift from the Green-eyed People at Miles and Stella's wedding from a water basket. Phil first thought to cook Abner but Stella decided to keep the pig. Abner was mistaken for a girl by Stella, who wanted to name "her" Abigail.
Suzie Kokoshka Mary Scheer Oskar's wife who is the source of Oskar's money (since she works at a department store), at least as long as he keeps ducking when she throws everything not nailed down in their room at him.
Big Bob and Miriam Pataki
Big Bob and Miriam Pataki Maurice LaMarche
Kath Soucie
Big Bob Pataki - The 'Beeper King', Big Bob is obsessed with winning and running a successful beeper empire. Big Bob is often bullying and rude to those around him, so it is not surprising that Helga often acts the same way. He lavishes praise on his award winning older daughter, Olga, while seeming to ignore Helga. However, there are times when he realizes his shortcomings, and he is able to be a good father when he takes the trouble.

Miriam Pataki - Miriam is a stay-at-home mom, but it is obvious that her job has left her unfulfilled. She often doesn't pay attention to her work, and spends much of her time moping around or making smoothies. However, hidden underneath Miriam's exterior is a range of talents; she is able to successfully run the beeper empire when Bob is unable to, and she was a talented swimmer and bull-rider before getting married.

Olga Pataki1
Olga Pataki Nika Futterman Helga's intelligent, outgoing, older sister on Hey Arnold!, who attends the fictional Wellington College. She possesses skills that demonstrate a high-level of intelligence such as in the episode "Helga on the Couch".

Minor/Recurring Background Characters

Image Name Voice actor Description

Peapod Kid

Peapod Kid TJM

Peapod Kid Jamil Walker Smith Peapod first appeared in the episode Downtown as Fruits in a peapod costume in Helga's food group play. Because he wasn't given a real name, he was just credited as "Peapod Kid." He is referred to as Peapod Kid by his classmates, as well.

It's assumed that Peapod's family is about as well-off as Rhonda's. They go to the same country club, and Rhonda frequently asks for his opinions while she is bragging to the other kids about what is currently expensive and popular. For example, Rhonda tells the other kids that Aspen is a very popular city and very exclusive, and then she asks Peapod Kid about it, who replies, "Oh yes. Aspen is very, very exclusive."

Park Marcus Toji Park is a recurring background character who usually only has one or two lines whenever he speaks. Almost nothing is known about him as he was only prominent enough to have lines during the first three seasons, though it is revealed in "Longest Monday" that he runs a "sanctuary" where fourth-graders can be safe from fifth-graders.
Joey Stevenson Justin Shenkarow
Michael Fishman
Tress MacNeille
Joey Stevenson is a fictional character on the Hey Arnold! TV series. He is one of the original characters and first appeared in Season 1 and made various appearances in all of the later seasons. Joey is a 4th grader and is in Arnold's class. He is often considered "the kid with one missing tooth". According to Rhonda he is one of the "geeks" in "Cool Party".



Iggy Joseph Ashton
Sam Gifaldi
Tress MacNeille
Justin Shenkarow
Marcus Toji
Iggy is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV series. Iggy is considered the "coolest kid" in Arnold's class. He once drew a chalk picture of Principal Wartz with clown features, and was punished with a week of after-school detention. However, in the episode "Arnold Betrays Iggy", everybody at P.S. 118 finds out that he wears bunny pajamas (complete with bunny feet that squeak).


Robert (TJM)

Robert Christopher J. Castile
Sam Gifaldi
Justin Shenkarow
He is a blonde haired kid with a green shirt and glasses. Like Peapod Kid, Robert is usually there "to make up the numbers" especially during team sports. He's never been called by name, but it appears on the scoreboard in "The Vacant Lot" and again on the scoreboard in "Benchwarmer".
Robert’s Dad
Robert's father none He only appears in the episode "Teachers' Strike" it's not sayed on the show that he is Robert's father but his head shape looks like Robert's head shape and they both wearing the same glasses and shirt but Robert has a green one while his dad has grey.
Lorenzo with paper
Lorenzo Victor Samuel Lopez Lorenzo is a new kid in Arnold's class, having transferred from Peavine Academy, a private school. Lorenzo is quite rich, like Rhonda and Rex Smythe-Higgins III, but has very little idea of how to have fun, since all of his free time is filled with things like viola lessons, meetings, and studying flashcards.
Lana Vail
Lana Vail Christine Ebersole She lived in the Sunset Arms Boarding House during the first season.

Based on her accent, Lana appears to be from Southeastern Europe, and would appear to be single, as she lived alone during her stay at Sunset Arms. Her only speaking role is in "Heat", asking Arnold if a little more heat was too much to ask.

In Season 2, she was indicated to have moved out of the boarding house for reasons unknown, but continued to make occasional appearances and cameos, including in the show's theme and opening credits for the rest of it's run. She appears in the episode "Dinner for Four" where she's seen being startled by one of the cockroaches, and "Dino Checks Out" in which she attends a DinoMania concert.

Torvald's mother
Torvald's mother Dee Dee Rescher Torvald's mother doesn't expect much from her son Torvald; whenever he gets a "C" on something, she puts it on the refrigerator. In the episode "Tutoring Torvald" she worked in a fast food restaurant selling chicken wings, and in the episode "Teachers' Strike" she was at the cash point in the Corner Store.
Mr. Frank
Mr. Frank Doug Lawrence Mr. Frank is The Sixth grade teacher in Hey Arnold!.

He is a sixth grade teacher at P.S. 118. He appears quite bored and unenthusiastic with the job he does.

Ray John Mariano Ray is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series. He is Sid's father.
Mickey the Weasel
Mickey the Weasel Marty York Mickey is a 5th grade student who seems to do Wolfgang's bidding. In "Longest Monday", he tricks Arnold and Gerald, offering to help them avoid being put in the trash, but instead leads them straight to Wolfgang and his friends. It is revealed that his nickname is "The Weasel".

In "Gerald's Game", he is one of the players and Gerald's subjects.

In "Chocolate Boy", he follows Chocolate Boy to ensure the deal with Wolfgang is not broken.

He makes a brief cameo at Blockapalooza in Hey Arnold!: The Movie.

Gloria Francesca Marie Smith Originally, Gloria was someone whom Helga dreamt up as "the Anti-Helga" in "Magic Show", but she was later revealed to be a real girl in "Helga's Boyfriend". She wears a pink dress similar to Helga's. But unlike Helga, Gloria is pretty, nice, popular, and a good cook. In Helga's dream, Gloria replaces Helga as Phoebe's best friend, and in real life, she replaces Helga as Stinky's girlfriend. Both the characters of Gloria and Helga were voiced by Francesca Marie Smith.

After her two main appearances, Gloria appears in cameo roles.

Seymour Stump Toran Caudell Seymour Stump is a student in P.S. 118 voiced by Toran Caudell. He is not to be confused with Seymour.


Chloe (TJM)

Chloe Jazz Raycole Gerald develops a crush on her, although she falls in love with his older brother Jamie O.  She uses Gerald simply to get closer to Jamie O.

She also makes a split-second appearance in Hey Arnold! The Movie at Blockapalooza, and in The Jungle Movie at Arnold's celebration. She is 13.

Mr. Sawyer
Mr. Sawyer Daws Butler The father of Lila, he moved to Hillwood along with Lila from the country in search of employment. When they first moved, they lived in a shabby apartment in the Low Rent District. Since Mr. Sawyer didn't have a job yet, they lived on beans and "canned meat substitute". Eventually, Mr. Sawyer secured employment, and later in the series Lila and himself moved into a better house.
Patty's father
Patty's father Henry Gibson Mr. Smith is Patty's father on the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He is the father of Patty Smith.  He possesses the medical condition dwarfism.

Patty's mother
Patty's mother Zelda Rubinstein Mrs. Smith is Patty Smith's mother on "Hey Arnold!"

She is the mother of Patty Smith. She has dwarfism, a medical condition that causes its affectee to be short in height.

Jacques Maurice LaMarche Jacques is the waiter at Chez Paris and The Roundhouse.


Blind Man in TJM

Blind Man Kevin Michael Richardson Blind Man (real name unknown) is an elderly blind man, seen riding the subway in the episode "Das Subway". He reveals that he was not originally blind, and that his other senses got stronger after he lost his eyesight, particularly his sense of smell.

He is a short, stout African-American man, and he has a small patch of black hair. he wears a light-blue long-sleeved shirt, blue pants and brown shoes with round, black sunglasses.

Martha Kath Soucie Martha is a fictional character on the series Hey Arnold!.
Dr. Bliss Kathy Baker Dr. Bliss is a child psychologist who visits P.S. 118 to choose a patient for her work. She ends up choosing Helga because she stood out among the other students.

Dr. Bliss seems to be an astute psychologist, able to detect Helga's various tricks and going along with them (even letting Helga take over the session for a while and talk about Bliss' childhood instead). She was also able to get Helga to confess about her crush on Arnold by the end of the session, and Helga agreed to come back for more.

Dr. Bliss also made a brief appearance in the movie, but didn't have a speaking role.

Dr. Murray Steiglitz
Dr. Murray Steiglitz Dan Castellaneta He is Gerald's doctor, seen taking Gerald's tonsils out in "Gerald's Tonsils". He is also the first doctor Grandpa saw in 25 years. He has been practicing medicine for 81 years at Drymon Medical Clinic.
Mr. Leichliter
Mr. Leichliter Tim Curry Mr. Leichliter (no first name mentioned) is a theater critic and stage director. He once had a relationship with a woman named Betty, but she left him for another man, and left him cold and embittered. He has a history with Robert Simmons, having harshly judged his 3rd-grade production of Long Day's Journey Into Night, and was heartily anticipating giving his 4th-grade production of Romeo and Juliet a scathing review, but was taken aback and impressed when he finally saw it. He attended a car show, and was a suspect in the theft of Grandpa Phil's Packard. He had an alibi, however, and was dismissed.

He later directed a production of Eugene, Eugene!, performed by the same class of children. But he rewrote the ending, and the star, Eugene (playing the titular main character, with whom he shares a name), wouldn't stand for it, and on the night of the play, acted out the original ending, along with the other students. It was at this time that Betty appeared, and they happily reconciled. 

Marcy Kornblum Francesca Marie Smith Marcy Kornblum was a member of Tish's all girls bowling team in the episode "Coach Wittenberg"

She is a student at P.S. 118. Her full name is mentioned in the episode "Dinner For Four", when she wins the 4th place prize in P.S. 118's Fight for Peace charity raffle.

She is the narrator in P.S. 118's production of "Romeo and Juliet" in the episode "School Play."

She was also a competitor in the city wide spelling bee in the episode "Spelling Bee". She was eliminated after misspelling the word 'spurious'.

She is shown to be a campfire lass in the episode "Chocolate Turtles".

Mary Olivia Hack Mary was mostly known for being Big Patty's victim in "Helga vs. Big Patty".

In the episode "Helga's Makeover" she is one of the Rhonda's "Slumber party" guests.

In the episode "Operation: Ruthless" she can be seen crying after the line for the Tunnel o' Love ride dissolves into chaos.

In "April Fool's Day" episode she dances with Joey.

Miss Felter
Miss Felter Julia Louis-Dreyfus Miss Felter was a substitute teacher who briefly filled in for Miss Slovak. During that time, one of Felter’s students, Arnold developed a crush on her. Felter has a boyfriend named Arnold Skelter, whom Gerald mistakenly assumed was his friend when he heard her say she was having Arnold for dinner.

The combination of her last name and that of her fiancé is a reference to The Beatles’ song "Helter Skelter".

Lucky Gregg Berger "Lucky" is a fireman. He is nicknamed "Lucky" because he is considered lucky. In the episode "Roller Coaster" his luck has to compete with Eugene's misfortune. He is seen trying to save Arnold and Eugene off the roller coaster, but the cherry picker breaks! They had to do something so they found a rope, tied it into a lasso and through it around the cherry picker. Eugene pulls the cherry picker up far enough for Lucky to jump and grab Eugene's arms.
Iggy's mother
Iggy's mother Maria Bamford Iggy's mother is a One-Time Character on Hey Arnold! She is Iggy’s mother who makes a short appearance in the episode Arnold Betrays Iggy where she open's the door for Arnold and she Appears again where she takes the blanket off Iggy to review Iggy wearing bunny pajamas (complete with bunny feet that squeak).
Sheena's parents
Sheena's Father and Sheena's mother None Sheena's parents (real names unknown) appears to be the the parents of Sheena, Sheena's Father appears to be the brother of Sheena's Uncle Uncle Earl, due to him sharing more visual similarities with Sheena's father than her mother, and Sheena's mother is Aunt Shelley's sister, considering they look more alike.
Agatha Caulfield
Agatha Caulfield Rose Marie She describes herself as a "bitter, angry, cold-hearted, low-rent, nasty, jerky, grouchy, lying, mean, hurtful, selfish, greedy, snivelling witch that doesn't believe in magic." In "Crabby Author", Arnold was able to straighten her out a little when he said she probably doesn't believe in magic and herself. After that, she finally wrote a new book and went back to writing. She made a cameo on the beach at the end of "Summer Love," implying that she stopped being a recluse.

Her name is most likely derived from British crime writer Agatha Christie (who is best known for her stories starring the character Hercule Poirot) and Holden Caulfield from J.D. Salinger's novel The Catcher in the Rye. Like Agatha, J.D. Salinger was a popular novelist who went into reclusion and stopped writing for decades.

Officer Pudney

Officer Pudney (TJM)

Officer Pudney Danica Ivancevic
Lori Alan
Officer Pudney is one of Hillwood's police officers. She strongly resembles the character Marge Gunderson (portrayed by Frances McDormand from the 1996 film Fargo.
Aunt Shelley Mary Gross She is Sheena's aunt, and is P.S. 118's school nurse. She also appears to be the nanny watching baby Rhonda during the park scene in "The Journal", but she does not speak, so this cannot be confirmed.
Superintendant Chaplin
Superintendant Chaplin Jack Angel Superintendent Chaplin is an official who supervises schools in the city.

He only appeared in the episode Principal Simmons.

Chocolate Boy (character) picture
Chocolate Boy Jordan Warkol If there's chocolate around, it won't be around for long as long as he's in the area. How Chocolate Boy got his craving for chocolate dates back to when he was a kid. His parents forbade him to eat chocolate, but his nanny secretly gave him some. When Chocolate Boy's nanny had to go away, Chocolate Boy was upset, so he went into his room and ate chocolate, a lot of chocolate. He admits this to Arnold, who quickly consoles him. Chocolate Boy's nanny wanted him to behave and be happy. He then swore to give chocolate up at the end of the episode "Chocolate Boy", and now has a newfound addiction to radishes.
Rabbi Goldberg
Rabbi Goldberg Elliott Gould Rabbi Goldberg is shown to be kind and well meaning, such as in "Harold's Bar Mitzvah" he did not lose faith in Harold when he did not show up, and in "Harold the Butcher" he also told Harold a story that when he was a kid he had a friend who admired a vest hanging in a talior shop. It was a beautiful vest red velvet with gold buttons. He coveted that vest, but didn't have the money to buy it and what happened is that his friend stole the vest, and he was punished he had to work at the tailor shop learning how to cut, sew and stitch so he would see how much work it takes to make a vest, and he asked Mr. Green to let him work at the meat shop to help him make up for stealing a ham.
Uncle Stinky
Uncle Stinky None He is Stinky Peterson's uncle. He and Stinky's father are taxidermists.
Stinky’s Aunt
Stinky's aunt none Stinky's aunt is a character seen in "Stinky's Pumpkin".
Mr. Egg Cream
Mr. Egg Cream Dan Castellaneta Mr. Egg Cream is a robot designed to serve "egg cream." He only appears in Rich Guy.
Stinky’s father
Stinky's father Dom Irrera
Maurice LaMarche
Stinky's father apparently grew up on his family's farm in Arkansas. As a child, he had a pet turkey named Lurkey, who was ultimately served as the main course at Thanksgiving dinner.

Growing up on a farm left Stinky's father with a fair amount of knowledge about farming. In "Stinky's Pumpkin", he teaches Stinky how to raise vegetables, eventually presenting him with his father's "magic hoe". Stinky's father is a somewhat stereotypical hillbilly. His given name is not mentioned, but it is possible that, like his son and brother, his name is "Stinky".

in present day Stinky's father is a taxidermist, and it is possible that he and his brother, Uncle Stinky, run the business from their shack. Stinky's father is married, although his wife is only seen in two episodes: "On the Lam" and "Parents Day".

Curly's parents
Mr. and Mrs. Gammelthorpe none they are the parents of Curly There first name is never mentioned, they also own a Dry Cleaner in the episode Curly's Girl.
Seymour None Known by his nickname "The Disposal", Seymour is an extremely voracious young boy from P.S. 119 who has an unbelievable appetite and can eat grand portions of food with ease. Because of his legendary appetite, it is rumored that Seymour has two stomachs. He was the main villain of the episode Eating Contest.

His enormous appetite proved to be his ultimate downfall---while Arnold had spent days practicing on how to eat a lot quickly but safely, and then not eat or drink anything except water until the contest, Seymour stuffed himself before the contest even started and shoveled down food as fast as he could look at it. This combination filled him up too soon and Seymour ended up passing out from a major stomachache before he could win, allowing Arnold to win the eating contest.

Harvey Lou Rawls The neighborhood mailman - er, "letter carrier" (well, he calls himself a mailman in "Eugene's Birthday"). Considering that he is voice by a very popular singer of his time, it's surprising Harvey doesn't do much singing, although he does play the trumpet (in the movie, at Blockapalooza).
Mrs. Vitello
Mrs. Vitello Elizabeth Ashley
Kath Soucie
She is the owner of a flower shop on Vine Street. She is one of Arnold's neighbors, and employed him and Gerald in her shop in the episode "Part Time Friends."
Marty Green
Marty Green James Keane Mr. Green runs his own butcher shop, "Green's Meats" (also called "Green Meats"). At the end of the fourth season (or start of the fifth season, depending on where you live), he becomes a city councilman.
Nate Horowitzha
Nate Horowitz Michael Jeter Nathan "Nate" Horowitz is Eugene's father.
Mrs. Horowitz
Mrs. Horowitz none she is Eugene Horowitz's mother, and the wife of Nate Horowitz.
Squeaky Peterson
Squeaky Peterson N/A She is a student of P.S. 118, who was mentioned as a witness of the False Alarm incident. She is likely related to Stinky Peterson, seeing as she shares his last name, and is relatively similar to him in appearance.
Hillary, character
Hillary Kath Soucie
Danica Ivancevic
Hillary is seen in many episodes, such as "Das Subway". In that episode, it is revealed that she is claustrophobic, and the only way to relive herself of her fear is to repeat her mantra "Big open spaces."

She also works at the City Library, as shown in the episode "Crabby Author".

Stinky's mom
Stinky's mother N/A She is seen in "Parents Day" and "On the Lam".
Lunch Lady
Lunch lady Kath Soucie
Danica Ivancevic
She is in charge of the school cafeteria who is stereotypically brash in appearance, but sensitive to criticism of the cafeteria food.
Marv Dan Castellaneta He is a One-Time character in the Hey Arnold! episode Grandpa's Packard

Not much is known about him except that he owns a scarf shop.

Dan Clancy Brown Dan is a butcher who always wears a porkpie hat, prompting Arnold and Gerald to give him the nickname "Porkpie". He and "Slick" covertly prepare a surprise birthday party for their fellow butcher and friend Marty Green. However, Arnold and Gerald misinterpret their actions as malevolent, causing them to follow and film the butchers during their discussions and planning of the party.

His only appearance in the series was in "Freeze Frame".

Sherm John Rubano Sherm is a butcher whose hair is slicked back, prompting Arnold and Gerald to give him the nickname "Slick".  He and "Porkpie" covertly prepare a surprise birthday party for their fellow butcher and friend Marty Green. However, Arnold and Gerald misinterpret their actions as malevolent, causing them to follow and film the butchers during their discussions and planning of the party.

Sherm also claims to live in his car, though it is possible that this claim is just a figure of speech. Sherm is possibly named after Sherm Cohen, a storyboard artist and director for the show. Sherm’s only appearance in the series was in "Freeze Frame".

Lola Jennifer Tilly She is a fashion model for the magazine Large and Lovely, which apparently features plus-size clothing. Ernie Potts falls in love with her after seeing her while wrecking a building. Lola states that in order to keep her figure for the magazine, she has to eat every two hours. Lola also tries to “improve herself” intellectually by reading a new word in the dictionary every day, then attempting to use those words in conversation.
Zamboni Jones
Zamboni Jones John Mariano Zamboni Jones' first and only appearance was in the episode "Downtown as Fruits". He is "supposedly" a psychic medium whom runs his business, "Zamboni Jones' Psychic Palace", out of an underground room in a building in downtown Hillwood. While he speaks with an Indian accent, it's revealed he speaks perfect English and is a fake, including his eyes.
Harold's Aunt
Harold's aunt Tress MacNeille She only appearance is to yell at Harold not to throw snowballs at city buses in "Snow" (which he does anyway). She reappears in Harold's Bar Mitzvah as a party guest in the synagogue and at the party.
Bobby Ben Diskin He is Miller's son shown at the end of "Veterans Day". He had a speaking role, saying "It's an honor sir" to Martin Johanssen, saluting him, after his father introduce one another. He is voiced was Ben Diskin.
Human Abner Don Irrea He is a Mirror character who appeared in the episode Abner, Come Home. He shares the same name as Arnold's pet pig, Abner.
Billy (Hey Arnold)
Billy Sam Gifaldi William "Billy" is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

His only speaking role is as a member of the "Dork Parade" (along with Sheena and Brainy) at the start of "Eugene's Bike". He has an "albino worm" collection (which are presumably maggots), although every now and then one finds its way underneath squished on the bottom of Helga's shoes. He also had a cameo in "Mugged" where he got scared by Arnold.

Miller Joe Lala Miller is a Vietnam War veteran who appears in "Veterans Day". He was saved by Martin Johanssen back in 1972 after his leg got injured. Twenty years later, he runs into Martin and has been waiting for years to personally thank him for saving his life and introduces his family to Martin and Gerald.
Jimmy Kafka
Jimmy Kafka Richard Mulligan He was Phil Shortman's best friend when they were young kids. Phil often mentions him when he tells Arnold stories of his past exploits. One example of this can be found in the episode "April Fool's Day," where Phil talks about how he once used the blinding light prank on Jimmy, which later on gives Arnold the idea to use the same prank on Helga.

However in "Part-Time Friends," Phil said that when their boss from the toilet company was arrested, Jimmy became the boss and had a fight with Phil about it. Soon the two bull-heads stopped talking to each other and never saw each other again until "Old Iron Man."

His name is possibly a combination of disappeared Teamster Jimmy Hoffa and Czech writer Franz Kafka.

Arnie Grant Hoover Arnie is considered weird by nearly everyone. His hobbies include counting things, reading ingredient labels on packaged foods (as well as somehow knowing what the ingredients are), chewing plain-flavored gum, and collecting lint. Lila has fallen in love with his "charms" (as well as Hilda, who appears in one of Arnold's dreams).
Hilda Francesca Marie Smith To Arnold, Hilda is the opposite version of the Helga he knows, when in truth, Hilda is the kind, sophisticated and poetic side of Helga that Arnold rarely, if ever, gets to see. She is just Helga without the mean front she puts up, so essentailly the Helga deep down: calm, kind, sweet, helpful, polite, friendly, bubbly, poetic, and emotional.
Lulu Ashley Buccille Lulu's personality seems to be a mirror of Arnold's classmate, Lila. She is flirtatious, outspoken and rather self-centered. Despite being Arnie's girlfriend, she makes continued attempts to seduce Arnold even after he makes it obvious that he is not interested in her, including constantly hanging off of his arm, trying to force a kiss on him, rubbing his leg with her foot and pretending to fall asleep on him when he begins paying another girl attention. She treats her boyfriend with open contempt, frowning and looking bored when he puts his arm around her at the theatre, and making no secret of the fact that she is pursuing his cousin.
Kid Sam Gifaldi He is Arnie's town's version of Sid, who also shares some features with Gerald.
Gerard Jamil Walker Smith He is Gerald's double who lives in the same town as Arnie. He shares some of the same personality traits as Sid.
Harry Justin Shenkarow He is the doppelganger of Harold who lives in the same town as Arnie; Harry is a rather well-polished character who cares a lot about how he looks, thus similar to Rhonda.
Rhoda Olivia Hack She is the counterpart of Rhonda who lives in Arnie's town. Contrary to Rhonda, Rhoda couldn't care less about her own appearance. Basically, she is a slob.
Stumpy Christopher P. Walburg He is an inverted reflection of Stinky who lives in Arnie's town. Stumpy is a short boy, sophisticated and intelligent (similar to Phoebe) unlike his Hillwood counterpart.
Fifi (Hey Arnold!)
Fifi Anndi McAfee She lives in the same town as Arnie and is the counterpart of Phoebe Heyerdahl. However, Fifi's tall, lanky physical appearance also bears some resemblance to that of Stinky Peterson, as does her somewhat simple-minded personality.
Rico (Hey Arnold!)
Rico Dan Castellaneta Rico is a construction worker that works alongside Ernie Potts.
Alan Redman
Alan Redman Miko Hughes He is the son of Sammy Redman. Contrary to his father, he lacks notable interest in physical activity but has a keen interest in abstract and photographic works. He does have a dark room and has made collages and other photographic works, including photographs of Mickey Kaline. His in-interest in physical activity is participating, however, Alan does see grace in the movements in Baseball "like a ballet".
Sammy Redman
Sammy Redman Fred Willard Sammy is the wealthy owner of the city's professional hockey team. Arnold "saves his life" when a puck almost hits him in the face, but Arnold catches it. For this Sammy treats Arnold like the son he always wanted, unlike his biological son Alan. Sammy Redmond's last name is most likely a reference to Mickey Redmond (who shares the same first name with Mickey Kaline) who played NHL hockey for the Detroit Redwings.

Sammy owns an extravagant house with state-of-the-art technology, as well as the popular amusement park Dinoland. His catch phrase is that something is a "million dollar idea."

Stinky’ Grandfather
Stinky's grandfather Maurice LaMarche He appears only once, in a dream Stinky has in "Stinky's Pumpkin".
Stinky’s grandmother
Stinky's grandmother Maria Bamford She appears only once, in a dream Stinky has in "Stinky's Pumpkin".
Killer N/A She is the Blind Man's seeing-eye dog and she gave birth while trapped on the subway train in the episode "Das Subway."
Thurston N/A He is a chocolate-colored blue-eyed kitten found by Arnold in a dumpster and adopted by Harold. When Arnold found out that the kitten was lost by Mrs. Ryle (who calls him Thurston), Harold refused to give him back. Returning Cupcake/Thurston to his owner required help of police, animal control service, and Arnold.

Harold named the cat 'Cupcake' because he looked like a "chocolate cupcake with a cream filling".

Sid’s Mother
Sid's mother N/A Sid mother's real name isn't known and rarely appears in the series. Her only two appearances are in the episodes "Parents Day" and "On the Lam".

In "Parents Day", she competed in the annual Parents Tournament Weekend. However, it appears her team didn't do very well as she was mainly seen in the episode watching the contest from the sidelines.

In "On the Lam", she is featured frantically looking for her son Sid after he goes on the run thinking the law is after him for blowing up a building.

Abigail Craig Bartlett Abigail is Arnie's pet pig. She is Abner's female doppelganger, She only appears in the episode "Arnold Visits Arnie".
Nancy Kath Soucie She is Suzie Kokoshka's cousin, Oskar Kokoshka’s cousin-in-law and mother of Baby Oskar, whom she named "before we knew your Oskar".
Baby Oskar (Character)
Baby Oskar Kath Soucie He is the son of Nancy and the nephew of Suzie Kokoshka and Oskar Kokoshka. He only made one appearance in "Baby Oskar," when Oskar Kokoshka had to babysit him while Suzie Kokoshka went to work.
Maria's father
Maria's father Michael David Donovan He greets Arnold and Gerald when they come to take Maria and Connie to a sixth grade dance. He offers them nuts and comments on how they're a bit short to be sixth graders. They blame their height on refusing to eat their vegetables.


Image Name Voice actor Description
Lasombra Alfred Molina Lasombra was a ruthless treasure seeker fueled by greed, who stopped at nothing to get what he wanted. While the entire river pirate crew had no problem threatening a group of 10-year-olds with machetes, Lasombra himself was a step above the others, as he had no problem letting his own men be killed, was willing to let grade-school children die, even laughing at it. He openly enjoys being evil, even calling himself a villain.
Wolfgang Toran Caudell Wolfgang "runs" the fifth grade, in pretty much the same way that Helga runs the fourth grade, except that people actually pay attention to Wolfgang rather than just stay away from him.

Supposedly, Wolfgang was created when they discovered between Seasons 1 and 2 that Toran Caudell's voice had changed to the point where he couldn't talk like Arnold any more. (This isn't the only show that has done this; Rocket Power created a new character - one of Lars' s friends - when the original Sam's voice changed.)

Edmund Tim Wiley He hangs around Wolfgang, just as Gerald hangs around Arnold or Phoebe hangs around Helga. He is also mildly stupid and a lot nicer than the other 5th graders. His stupidity results in abuse from Wolfgang depending on the circumstance.
Vic and Morrie
Vic and Morrie John Mariano Vic and Morrie are usually seen as Oskar's friends, but with friends like them, Oskar doesn't need enemies. They work at an auto shop ("Grandpa's Packard").

Vic and Morrie always are seen together, in "Wheezin' Ed" it is revealed that Vic is the bigger of the two.

Ludwig Phillip Van Dyke He is in the same grade as Wolfgang, although he's spent the last couple of years in juvenile hall (before which he "owned" the vacant lot). He and Wolfgang went from being enemies to friends, united in their efforts to share the lot together and keep all the fourth graders out. However, Ludwig never reappeared after his debut episode, possibly meaning he went back to juvenile hall.

He is voiced by Phillip Van Dyke, who voiced Arnold in Season 2 and Season 3. He was created after Phillip lost his "Arnold" voice, much like what happened with Wolfgang's actor Toran Caudell before.

Tommy and Burt
Tommy and Burt Michael Bacall (Tommy)
Frank Martorana (Burt)
They are Maria and Connie's boyfriends. Maria and Connie went on a "date" with Arnold and Gerald to make Tommy and Bert jealous in "6th Grade Girls".
Frankie G.
Frankie G. Carlos Alazraqui In the episode "Cool Jerk", he is seen talking to Arnold after he saves him from getting beaten up by Harold, who is intent on maintaining a calm, detached manner when speaking to him. Considered cool by people of all kinds to the point of reverence, he takes a liking to Arnold, taking him for rides on his bike, giving him things and generally showering him with attention, which Arnold happily accepts despite Gerald's warnings. Frankie occasionally remarked on how cool the shape of Arnold's head was. However, Frankie turns out to be a more unsavory character when he takes Arnold out one night for a new kind of activity. He shows Arnold a shop window in the back of a store called Gene's Hi-Fi, which he wants him to get into. He reveals to Arnold that needs a new tweeter for his entertainment center (he possibly also intended to steal other stuff from the store like money), and that his keen interest in Arnold and his football-shaped head was merely business, as he'd been aptly identified by Frankie as the one person capable of fitting through the window of the place he and his cronies were attempting to rob. His plan is foiled when Gerald, using a hand crank siren, scares them away and gets Arnold out of the window he'd been forcibly stuffed in.
Chas Carlos Alazraqui Chas is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He is one of Frankie G.'s friends.

Tony B.
Tony B. Max Casella He is one of Frankie G.'s friends. He was seen with the whole neighborhood in "Harold's Kitty". He was also seen talking to Philly D. in "Helga on the Couch", when Helga was young, going to preschool.
Philly D
Philly D. Max Casella He is one of Frankie G.'s friends. He was seen talking to Tony B. in "Helga On The Couch", when Helga was young, going to preschool.
Joey C.
Joey C. Carlos Alazraqui
Craig Bartlett
Joey C. is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He is one of Frankie G.'s friends. In "Mr. Hyunh Goes Country," he asks Mr. Hyunh to sign his autograph.

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