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This is the list of characters featured in My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Main characters

Image Name Voice actor Description
Jenny Wakeman Janice Kawaye Jennifer "Jenny" Wakeman (XJ-9) (voiced by ) is the main protagonist and the "teenage robot" to which the title refers, a state-of-the-art automaton created by Dr. Norene Wakeman five years prior to the series, though she was designed as a 16-year-old girl. Though XJ-9 was designed to be Earth's protector, armed to the teeth with a wide range of weapons, devices, and transformations, she desires to live the life of a normal teenager and often makes this desire quite apparent to her friends and creator.

Jenny's personality is often friendly and optimistic, though this also comes with being rather naïve as to her surroundings. Often, people like the Krust Cousins or robots like Vexus take advantage of Jenny's friendliness to further their own goals. Jenny can also be somewhat of a sucker for trends, even when her mechanical designs prevent her from using them.

Dr. Nora Wakeman Candi Milo Dr. Noreen "Nora" Wakeman is an elderly spinster robotics scientist and the one who built Jenny, who often simply refers to her as "Mother" or "Mom". Though Nora does indeed love her "daughter", she'll often butt into her personal life and is known to call on her at the most awkward moments. She also has a difficult time with modern-day slang and other teenage fads, earning Jenny's annoyance on many occasions.

Despite being only human, Nora shows no reluctance in fighting when necessary. In her youth, Nora was a shining officer of Skyway Patrol before retiring to Tremorton. Even in her advanced years, Nora is still very able, and can even hold her own in a fight against Vexus.

Brad Carbunkle Chad Doreck Bradley Carbunkle is Jenny's best friend and next-door neighbor. He's usually seen as outgoing and adventurous, and is the first actual friend Jenny ever made. Although he usually tends to cause more trouble than he prevents, he means well and tries to help Jenny in any way he can.

Brad likes to think of himself as a "ladies' man", but he's almost anything but that. Nearly every girl Brad hits on rejects him, and it's a rare sight for any girl to truly show any interest in him.

Tuck Carbunkle
Tuck Carbunkle Audrey Wasilewski Brad's 7-year-old little brother, Tucker Cornelius Carbunkle, is usually tagging along with his brother and Jenny, though his aptitude for adventure is significantly less than Brad's. This can be chalked up to his many childish fears, among them the dark and giant wheels. Despite initial fears of Jenny, Tuck has since warmed up to her as a friend.

Tuck has proven to be more clever than he looks on several occasions, often sweet-talking Jenny into doing favors for him.

Sheldon Lee Quinton Flynn Though not as heavily featured as the rest of the main cast, Sheldon Oswald Lee arguably qualifies as a core member of the group. Sheldon had fallen in love with Jenny when she saved him from the bullies in class one time. However, no matter what he tries, Jenny still refuses his romantic advances; though they are still close friends, and Jenny has shown affection for Sheldon many times (even kissing him in two episodes).

Being skilled in robotics, Sheldon has created gadgets and modifications for Jenny, as well as doing minor repair work. He has even done more extreme modifications when requested by XJ9, usually when Dr. Wakeman refuses to do them herself.

His skill has led to his creating a robotic alter-ego, The Silver Shell. Sheldon originally created the identity in an attempt to convince Jenny that robot boys were jerks, though this backfired when Jenny's affection for the robot grew even greater. As a hero, the Silver Shell has an imposing appearance, a "smooth" demeanor, and an excess of confidence, all qualities the human Sheldon lacks in his normal guise.



Queen of the all-robotic Cluster Empire, Vexus (voiced by Eartha Kitt and Cree Summer) is obsessed with the conquest of Earth, under the claim of "liberating robotkind" from the humans. About the only thing that matches her dreams of conquest is her obsession with Jenny, whom Vexus has continuously tried to induct into the Cluster (though with no lasting success).

In addition to her wicked cunning, Vexus is a master manipulator, often appearing in disguise to try and convince Jenny into joining her. This also reflects in her ruling of the Cluster homeworld, Cluster Prime, where she uses fear and propaganda to keep her loving subjects in line with her views while promoting herself as a peace-loving queen.

Vexus also has a daughter, Vega (voiced by Thora Birch) who is also among those blinded to the truth, though she and Jenny eventually exposed Vexus for what she truly is.


Smytus (voiced by Steven Blum) is an arrogant Cluster commander with an overinflated ego. As opposed to the manipulative Vexus, Smytus prefers action, and is always quick to jump into battle. However, while he thinks highly of himself, Jenny and her allies often see through his bombastic threats and find a way to thwart his plans.


Krackus is a Cluster inventor, though not a very good one. Although he is skilled at putting all sorts of nasty devices together, he usually misses the necessary details needed for them to work, which usually results in humiliating defeats for the Cluster.

Minor Characters

Dr. Phineas Mogg

Dr. Phineas Mogg is Nora Wakeman's top scientific rival. Mogg never hesitates to insult Dr. Wakeman and her inventions, which both her and Jenny do not take too kindly to.

He once built his own robotic "child", Kenny, who is fairly smart, but tends to act more like a domesticated dog than a human (fittingly, his code number is YK-9). Jenny once had a brief crush on Kenny, but called it off after seeing Kenny's canine habits in action.

Brit and Tiff

Brit (voiced by Moira Quirk) and Tiff (voiced by Cree Summer), collectively known as the Crust Cousins, are a pair of snooty rich girls who take pleasure in making Jenny's life miserable. Normally, Jenny takes their insults in stride, but she isn't above competing with the Crusts just to show them up.

Don Prima

An extremely good-looking teen guy in Tremorton, Don Prima (voiced by Quinton Flynn), considers himself the most handsome guy in town. However, he is obnoxiously shallow (a prima donna, hence his name), and is more likely to cry over ruined shoes than care for anyone besides himself. Jenny once had a crush on Don, but gave up on him after seeing his self-centered attitude for himself.

The XJ Line

Jenny isn't the only XJ robot in the line. Eight other models preceded her in development. Each one has a specific personality.
My life is a teenage a robot
  • XJ-1 is the first of the XJ Line but is ironically the baby, as her design shows. Unable to speak, she communicates in a series of beeps and whistles similar to R2-D2.
  • XJ-2 looks like a small ray gun, and has a nasty habit of hiccupping lasers.
  • XJ-3 is a small, crudely-made humanoid robot. As an early prototype, she easily falls apart and lacks some balance.
  • XJ-4 is an octopus-like robot who is a notorious neat-freak. All her arms hold cleaning utensils of some sort. She is chronologically the first speech-capable XJ robot.
  • XJ-5 is a literal chatterbox, often flying around and yakking everyone's ear off with all sorts of gossip and chatter.
  • XJ-6 is one of the more abstract of the XJ series. She looks a bit like Jenny, but her design is more crude. This echoes her constant jealousy towards others for what they have.
  • XJ-7 is a mopey, bulky robot with incredibly low self-esteem. To her, life is nothing but one miserable incident after another.
  • XJ-8 is the largest XJ robot, and also the most obsessed with her duty. With hardly any emotion, her speech and attitude is almost all-robotic, compared to the other XJ robots and their more humanlike characteristics.
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