The following is a list of sketches featured on The Amanda Show.


Image Sketch Description
Commercials Episodes generally began with a parody advertisement for an absurd product that nobody would really want to have. Examples include, an website where people sold their lunches to really weird kids, Meatloaf Crunch, a meatloaf-themed cereal, and Sick Popples, ice pops that caused sickness when eaten.
Judge Trudy A parody of the court show Judge Judy, the sketch stars Judge Trudy (played by Amanda Bynes), a thirteen-year-old judge, and the Bailiff (played by Gary Anthony Williams, and features a child plaintiff "suing" an adult defendant for petty grievances, such as receiving detention, being told to "please stop" or other wrongdoings. Regardless of the merit of the defendant's case, Trudy always finds in favor of the child, if necessary inventing reasons to do so, and sentences the adult to an absurd punishment. Each Judge Trudy sketch typically involved two cases, and would end with Trudy saying, "Bring in the dancing lobsters!", after which a group of human-sized lobsters, known as the Dancing Lobsters, would enter the courtroom and dance with the spectators.
Blockblister A parody of the now-defunct video rental store chain Blockbuster. The sketch involved customers trying to rent popular movies and instead ending up with ridiculous knock-off versions which were poorly acted out by the vaguely Eastern European family that owned the store, it will always upset the customer and end with their polka dance.
The Girls' Room A TV show that takes place in the girls' bathroom of a high school, but for one episode, took place in the boys' bathroom of the same school while a flood was being remedied in the girls' bathroom and messing with boys including Drake Bell and Josh Peck. The hosts are Amber, an egotistical girl who always makes sure to remind the audience that she is popular (although this just may be in her own mind, as in one skit, a girl was asked what made Amber so popular, the girl responded that she did not know who Amber was; in another skit, Amber was not invited to the prom nor voted prom queen), Sheila, (Lee, Reagan Gomez-Preston) an aggressive girl who disposes of unwelcome guests by giving them swirlies (usually executing them in the middle stall), Tammy, an "exchange student" from Tennessee with an extremely thick Southern accent, and Debbie, an unintelligent girl who constantly states that she likes eggs in a dopey voice (played by Jenna Morrison), and constantly annoys the others, especially Sheila. Amber has a rivalry with another, much more popular girl, Danielle Spencer, who always seems to one up Amber, but usually ends up getting a swirly from Sheila.
Totally Kyle Totally Kyle A short sketch starring a slacking stereotypical, laid-back hippie surfer and guitarist named Kyle Rostensan (played by Drake Bell) who tells vapid, nonsensical stories, usually beginning with the line "One time…" and uses the words "like" and "all" a lot. This was the only recurring sketch lacking an appearance by Bynes (though she introduces Kyle in a voiceover) and the only character from any Amanda Show skit to also appear on All That.
Moody Moody's Point An over-the-top parody of teen dramas and soap operas from the late 90s to early 2000s like Dawson's Creek and Caitlin's Way. The segment is presented as a show-within-a-show, and focuses on Moody Fallon (played by Bynes), an emotionally exaggerated teen who has hopelessly offended a lot, whose boyfriend has criticism so stupidly, whose mother (played by Maureen McCormick) was lost in a "tragic hot air balloon accident" and whose odd father (played by Carey Eidel) struggles with losing a toe near the end of the series. At the end of the last episode, the screen shows the words "To Be Continued", but The Amanda Show was cancelled shortly thereafter, ending Moody's Point with a cliffhanger. Schneider had pitched an actual spin-off series called "Moody's Point" to Nickelodeon, but the show was never green-lit.
Hillbilly Moment Two hillbillies named Lula Mae who wears blue shorts and a red flowery cowgirl shirt that's tied (Bynes) and Eenis who wears blue overalls and a straw hat. (Drake Bell) tell a knock-knock joke which always ends with Lula Mae hitting Eenis over the head with the subject of the knock-knock joke.
Penelope Taynt Penelope Taynt Penelope Taynt (played by Bynes) is Amanda's self-proclaimed number one fan. Between segments of an episode, Penelope is shown implementing a harebrained scheme to meet Amanda, often with the help of Drake Bell, Josh Peck (here playing themselves) or her brother Preston (played by Taylor Emerson) who always wants a sandwich even after the failiure, she can't deal with amanda because she IS her.
Mr. Oldman An elderly widower (played by Dan Schneider) who hates children is a victim of constant prank calls from a curly-haired character named Amanda (played by Bynes), oldman's catchphrase is "YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER!".
Crazy Courtney Crazy Courtney Courtney (played by Bynes) is a strange girl with large teeth, glasses, and a hat who speaks in incomplete sentences, who puts on ridiculous schemes in order to get the person to leave. Her catchphrase is a loud "MAH-HA!"
The Dare Show A show hosted by a girl named Sharon (played by Bynes) and her younger brother, Toby (played by Drake Bell), who claim they will accept and perform any dare, but always renege on their promise when the disgusting and/or humiliating nature of the caller's dare becomes known. The caller then taunts them for this, after which Sharon or Toby cave, perform the dare, and say "I can't believe I just did that!" Their mother (Nancy Sullivan) would then come in to stop the show, only to go through what they just did. The callers are said to come from a city in the wrong place (such as New York, North Dakota and Barcelona, Alabama).
Cynthia Worthington Cynthia Worthington (played by Amanda Bynes) is an aristocrat who was brought up by a very wealthy and civilized family, who appears nice, but engages in increasingly revolting behavior.
When... Attack A parody of the dramatic crime documentary show When Animals Attack!. Amanda Bynes introduces herself as a ridiculous but apparently famous character, then explains how a certain inoffensive group have been attacking people. Sketches ended with amanda getting viewers to call a phone number involving them and with the attackers evenwards showing up in the studio horrifying her. Amanda also shows no sympathy for the victims of the attack.
Amanda's Jacuzzi 1 Amanda's Jacuzzi A talk show in which Amanda Bynes, in a jacuzzi asks a guest two normal questions about themselves, and then a ridiculous, nonsensical one. The puzzled guest replies "no", and then Amanda asks, "How about a plate of spaghetti?"
Mr. Gullible Mr. Gullible A substitute teacher (played by John Kassir in Season 1 and by Andrew Hill Newman in Season 2) is tricked into increasingly absurd tasks by his students.
So You Wanna Win Five Dollars? A parody of the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? hosted by Tina (Bynes). The contestant, usually a character from another recurring skit on the show, who isn't very bright, is asked three questions, with the final question being worth five dollars.
Stranded A parody of the hit reality television series Survivor. The contestants, usually characters from other skits, are stranded in a strange location and were required to stay and deal with one other.
The Klutzes A family, portrayed by Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, Nancy Sullivan, and John Kassir, who constantly trip and fall down. At the end of the sketch, the family typically does something to destroy the building or fall out of a window. Their catchphrase is "Not a problem".
The Extremes a family of three who always take every little thing to an extreme. Whatever they feel, they seem to always overreact to it. For example, when eating pizza, the daughter begins crying hysterically, claiming she is sad that when they finish eating it, it will be gone. This exasperates everyone around the family. Another example is when the doorbell rings, the family goes hiding in horror as if an intruder is coming in to attack them.
Tony Pajamas an Italian American Gangster played by Drake Bell; sketches were parodies of the then-popular television series The Sopranos. People almost always pronounce his name wrong.
Crime Fighting Cheerleaders The Crime Fighting Cheerleaders were a band of three high school cheerleaders named Katie (portrayed by Amanda Bynes), Stephanie, and Megan who arrested various criminals (e.g. bullies, thugs).
Dooper A restaurant that serves everything in offer to be disgusting food and food to exterminate the customer run by a man (played by John Kassir in Season 1 and by Dan Sachoff in Seasons 2 and 3) and his daughter Doreen (played by Amanda Bynes) occasionally they ask what it used to be to which they reply with what it is just for now, recurringly their grandfather comes in and out, the customer even refuses the order which saddens them.
Melody thad Melody & Thad A music duo (played by Amanda Bynes and Drake Bell) parodying Chad & Jeremy and Sonny & Cher who performed songs that were offensive and inappropriate for the occasion.
Stop-motion Amanda A stop motion Amanda cartoon does wacky things, often with a pet dog named Scooper or Dumples. These sketches were discontinued beginning with episode 12. The animation was done by Tom Megalis.
The Lucklesses A family that always experiences horrible luck, including being struck by lightning or getting money stolen. Usually when something bad happens to them, someone in the family will say "What are the odds of that?".
The Dancing Lobsters Two overgrown lobsters occasionally appear in any setting to dance at the end of a skit. They speak an odd lobster language.
Miss DeBoat Janice DeBoat (played by Nancy Sullivan) is a teacher who becomes the target of other characters and has students with talents of which she does not approve.

Minor Sketches

These sketches only appear once.

Image Sketch Description
Mother Caboose A parody of Mother Goose in the first episode, where a grandmotherly-like woman, played by Amanda Bynes, reads a poem. After about the third rhyme, the poems starts to become inappropriate (and ugly), and the storyteller falls off her chair before she could finish reading the poem.
Jack and Jake 2 bullies played by Amanda Bynes and Raquel Lee in the second episode that cause no trouble, with no matter how hard they try. They end up getting shoved inside lockers, and try to spray-paint the wall with graffiti.
Nurse Zelda A nurse in the second episode who cures students' injuries that are unserious.
Smelling Bee A parody of the Spelling Bee in the third episode where students play as contestants and they smell items while blindfolded. When there's still two remaining contestants at the last minute, a sudden death smell-off occurs. The item appears to be a stinky old woman's armpits. The odor is so bad that it causes everyone in the entire room to faint, and nobody wins it.
Becky Swanson A baby-ish babysitter played by Amanda Bynes in the sixth episode.
The Procrastinator A superhero played by Amanda Bynes in the eighth episode who helps nobody after always shouting "Eventually!".
The Snipatorium A salon in the tenth episode causing problems to the customers than good.
Rockabye Ralph A doll in the twelfth episode who annoys amanda during her sleep and won't shut up, even without batteries.
Wanda the Witch A witch in the thirteenth episode casting magic spells on students. Only their teacher mostly never believes that.
The People Place A store in the 31st episode where people are sold, like grandparents, morons, thugs and brutes, little brothers, and thieves.
Kelly the Lifeguard a lifeguard in the 33rd episode played by Amanda Bynes annoys a boy named Peter, played by Drake Bell, while taking her very serious job.
The Gifted Class A superpowered class in the 35th episode, Miss DeBoat appears in it.
The Imposters a skit in episode 39 about Amanda and Drake, disguised as repairmen, firefighters, and astronauts, who keep eating food from their refrigerator, being mistaken by their family by the imposters, and avoid getting arrested by 2 real cops.

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