Louds and Casagrande families together

The main families of The Loud House and The Casagrandes together.

The following is a list of characters featured in the Nicktoon The Loud House and/or its spin-off The Casagrandes.

The Loud family

Image Name Voice actor Description Age
Lincoln Loud Sean Ryan Fox (pilot);
Grant Palmer (101a-122b)
Collin Dean (episodes 123a-318a)
Tex Hammond (318b onwards)
The series' protagonist, an 11-year-old boy who is the only son and middle kid in his family. 11
Lori Loud Catherine Taber The oldest sister in the family and the deuteragonist. She is a sassy and cynical teenager who bosses her siblings around and is often calling or texting her boyfriend Bobby on her smartphone. 17
Leni Loud Liliana Mumy The second-oldest sister in the family. She is kind-hearted, but also not very bright. 16
Luna Loud Nika Futterman The third-oldest sister in the family. She is a free-spirited musician with an interest in rock and roll music. 15
Luan Loud Cristina Pucelli The fourth-oldest sister in the family. She is a funny fourteen-year-old comedic prankster. 14
Lynn Loud Jr. Jessica DiCicco The fifth-oldest sister in the family. She is an athletic 13-year old. 13
Lucy Loud Jessica DiCicco The fifth-youngest sister in the family. Lucy is an goth girl with a tendency to suddenly appear in places, which often frightens her siblings. 8
Lana Loud Grey Griffin The fourth-youngest of the sisters, and the older of the family's two twin girls. Lana loves to play in mud, much to her twin Lola's annoyance. 6
Lola Loud Grey Griffin Lana's polar-opposite identical twin sister. Lola is a conceited and bratty girl who often assumes the role of an antagonist whenever her siblings anger her. 6
Lisa Loud Lara Jill Miller The second-youngest sister in the family who, despite her young age, is very smart. 4
Lily Loud Grey Griffin The youngest sister in the family. She is only one year old, and her diaper has a foul smell, which she takes off mostly. 1
Lynn Sr. and Rita
Lynn Loud Sr. and Rita Loud Brian Stepanek and Jill Talley The parents of the Loud family. Both of their faces were never seen onscreen in the first season, eventually being revealed in "11 Louds a Leapin'". Over 40
Charles disapprove
Charles Dee Bradley Baker The Loud family's pet pitbull terrier dog. TBA
Cliff Dee Bradley Baker The Loud family's pet cat. TBA
The Loud House Geo
Geo Audrey Wasilewski The Loud family's pet hamster, almost always seen inside his plastic hamster ball. TBA
The Loud House Walt
Walt Dee Bradley Baker The Loud family's pet canary. TBA
Happy Hops
Hops N/A One of Lana's pet frogs, and a very intelligent one at that. TBA
Izzy Loud House
Izzy N/A Lana's pet lizard. TBA

The McBride family

Image Name Voice actor Description Age
Clyde McBride Caleel Harris (Season 1-3);
Andre Robinson (Season 3 onwards)
Lincoln's best friend, who serves as a wingman to him in his exploits and has an unrequited crush on Lori. 11
Howard and Harold McBride - The Loud House
Howard and Harold McBride Michael McDonald and Wayne Brady Clyde's overprotective same gender parents who care deeply about their son's well-being. 30-40

The Santiago/Casagrande family

Image Name Voice actor Description Age
Bobby Santiago Carlos Pena, Jr. Lori's boyfriend, who is normally seen texting or calling her. He works in his family's bodega downstairs. 17
Ronnie Anne S3 Ronnie Anne Santiago Breanna Yde (seasons 1-3)
Izabella Alvarez (current)
Lincoln's best friend/love interest and Bobby's younger sister, who enjoys skating and pranks. 11
Maria Santiago
Maria Santiago Sumalee Monatano Bobby and Ronnie Anne's mother, who works as a nurse. 43
Dr. Santiago
Arturo Santiago Eugenio Derbez Maria's ex-husband/husband, and Bobby and Ronnie Anne's father, who currently works as a doctor in Peru. 44
"She's not done eating!"
Rosa Casagrande Sonia Manzano Ronnie and Bobby's grandmother, who manages the apartment building in which the Casagrandes live. 63
Hector strumming on guitar
Hector Casagrande Ruben Garfias Bobby and Ronnie's grandfather, who runs the bodega located on the first floor of the apartment building. 66
Carlos casagrande
Carlos Casagrande Carlos Alazraqui Ronnie and Bobby's bibliophilic and absent-minded uncle who teaches at a university in Great Lakes City. His first name is named after his voice actor. 45
Frida with her camera
Frida Puga Casagrande Roxanna Ortega Bobby and Ronnie's aunt, who is overemotional and constantly taking photos. 42
"Let's pierce your ears"
Carlota Casagrande Alexa PenaVega The oldest of the Casagrande kids who loves fashion. 17
"I'm Super CJ!"
CJ Casagrande Jared Kozak The second oldest of the Casagrande kids who has Down Syndrome. 13
Carlino sneaking
Carl Casagrande Alex Cazares The second youngest of the kids, who acts like a wannabe Lothario. 6
Carlitos Casagrande
Carlitos Casagrande Roxana Ortega The youngest in the family, who is a year older than Lily. 2
Lalo N/A The Casagrande family's pet mastiff dog. TBA
Sergio Carlos Alazraqui The Casagrande family's pet parrot. TBA

Other kids

Image Name Voice actor Description Age
Rusty thanks Lincoln for his advice
Rusty Spokes Wyatt Griswold One of Lincoln and Clyde's classmates, originally introduced as part of a trio of young bikers. 10-11
Liam telling Lincoln
Liam Lara Jill Miller A Southern-accented farm boy who is one of Lincoln and Clyde's classmates. 10-11
Zach Gurdle
Zach Gurdle Jessica DiCicco A classmate of Lincoln's who lives "between a freeway and a circus." 10-11
Stella smiling
Stella Haley Tju A new girl at Royal Woods Elementary, who begins hanging out with Lincoln and his friends in the show's third season. 10-11
Girl Jordan Eating
Girl Jordan Catherine Taber Another one of Lincoln's classmates, named after the storyboard artist Jordan Rosato. 10
11 (as of "Absent Minded")
Chandler McCann Daniel DiVenere A popular student at Royal Woods Elementary who is actually a conceited brat. 10 (before "The Waiting Game")
Haiku Reading
Haiku Georgie Kidder A friend of Lucy's and a fellow member of the Morticians Club at Royal Woods Elementary. 10-11
Margo with Bat
Margo Roberts Lara Jill Miller (season 2)
Brec Bassinger (current)
One of Lynn's friends and baseball teammates. 12-13
Chaz TLH
Chaz Richard Steven Horvitz One of Lori's classmates, whom Leni has a crush on. 17-18
Sam reading Luna's note
Sam Sharp Jill Talley (season 2)
Alyson Stoner (current)
A teenaged girl, also into rock music, and Luna's girlfriend. 15
Benny blushing
Benny Jessica DiCicco ("L is for Love")
Sean Giambrone ("Stage Plight")
A teenaged boy, also into comedy and plays, whom Luan has a crush on, which is mutual. 14
Carol Pingrey Ashlyn Madden Lori's schoolmate and former rival, now her best friend. 17-18
Cristina N/A A former classmate of Lincoln, who had a crush on her in "Making the Case". 10-11
New Paige render
Paige N/A Lincoln's crush in "L is for Love". TBA
Hank and Hawk
Hank and Hawk Mateus Ward and Wilbur Zaldivar A pair of bullies who are also members of the Hazeltucky Hockers, the rivals to the Royal Woods Roosters. TBA
Darcy Homandollar
Darcy Helmandollar Mariel Sheets One of Lisa's classmates, and her best friend. 4
New Mollie render
Mollie Hannah Nordberg One of Lincoln's classmates, named and modeled after production coordinator Mollie Freilich. 10-11
New Becky render
Becky Lara Jill Miller A friend of Lori and Leni's who debuted as one of the party guests in "Party Down" and is also a fan of Ace Savvy. 17-18
New Maggie render
Maggie Kari Wahlgren An angsty emo girl, with no sense of humor. 12 (before "Funny Business")
Fiona and Miguel
Fiona and Miguel Alexandra Ryan and Tonatiuh Elizarraraz Leni's friends and co-workers at Reininger's. Fiona: 32
Miguel: 22
Sid Chang1
Sid Chang Leah Mei Gold Ronnie Anne’s friend who moved to the city and wants to try anything in the new city. 12
Adelaide Chang
Adelaide Chang Lexi Sexton Sid's little sister. 6

Other adults

Image Name Voice actor Description Age
Mr. Grouse 2
Mr. Grouse John DiMaggio The Loud family's curmudgeonly neighbor who frequently complains about and heckles their antics, but sometimes does favors for them in exchange for a dish of Lynn Sr.'s lasagna. 70-80
Albert Screenshot
Albert Fred Willard The maternal grandfather of the Loud children. He resides at Sunset Canyon Retirement Home and enjoys hanging out with all of his grandchildren. 60-70
Aunt Ruth
Ruth Grey Griffin The great-aunt of the Loud children, whom she asks to watch her cats, eat old moldy pudding that she offers, and to massage her feet every time they visit her, much to their annoyance. TBA
Aunt Shirley
Shirley N/A The parental aunt of the Loud children. TBA
The Loud House Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Agnes Johnson Susanne Blakeslee Lincoln's fifth-grade class teacher. TBA
Principal Huggins
Wilbur T. Huggins Stephen Tobolowsky The no-nonsense principal of Royal Woods Elementary. TBA
Coach Pacowski
Coach Pacowski Jeff Bennett Royal Woods Elementary's gym teacher. TBA
Nurse Patti
Nurse Patti Lara Jill Miller Royal Woods Elementary's school nurse, who is dating Coach Pacowski. TBA
Mrs. Bernardo Redesign
Mrs. Bernardo Grey Griffin Royal Woods High School's drama teacher and a part-time actor. TBA
Chunk John DiMaggio Luna's roadie, a large burly man who speaks with a British accent. TBA
Flip John DiMaggio The enthusiastic and somewhat stingy owner of a downtown gas station and convenience store called "Flip's Food & Fuel." TBA
Sergei Fred Tatasciore The owner and head chef of Aloha Comrade. TBA
Kotaro Phil LaMarr The member of the Royal Woods Mini Van Society. TBA
Scoots stock image
Scoots Grey Griffin An elderly woman who drives a red scooter. TBA
Ms. Shrinivas
Ms. Shrinivas Angela Malhotra Lisa's kindergarten class teacher. TBA
Myrtle stock image
Myrtle Jennifer Coolidge The Loud kids' honorary grandmother and Albert's girlfriend. TBA
Katherine Mulligan
Katherine Mulligan Catherine Taber A news reporter who works for Channel 3, a local TV station in Royal Woods. TBA
Ms. Carmichael
Ms. Carmichael Kari Wahlgren Leni's boss at Reininger's. TBA
Bumper and Jancey
Bumper Sr. and Jancey Yates Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick The parents of the Yates family. Bumper Sr.: 46
Jancey: 45
Mick Swagger
Mick Swagger Jeff Bennett A famous singer and leader of a rock band whom Luna is a big fan of. TBA
Becca and Stanley Chang
Stanley and Becca Chang Ken Jeong and Melissa Joan Hart Sid and Adelaide's parents. Stanley: 42
Becca: 41
Georgia Shondlia White A resident of the Casagrande Apartment, who builds houses of cards. TBA
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